Former Boston police K-9 officer charged with attacking law enforcement on Jan. 6


CBS News coming up at 8 45. A former Boston police officer is arrested on charges he assaulted a police officer after storming the U.S. capitol with that mob of pro Trump supporters on January 6th. Joseph Fisher is accused of pushing a chair into a capitol police officer inside the building as that officer was running after another rioter who had used pepper spray. Today, authorities also arrested a Colorado man who prosecutors say was part of a group of writers violently pushing against officers trying to defend the capitol. We don't yet know whether Fisher has a lawyer, so we can't bring you any additional comment at this time. One of the highest profile defendants in the U.S. capitol attack catches a break. Jacob chansley, the so called QAnon shaman known for wearing animal fur and horns while at the capitol on January 6th has been released to a halfway house in the Phoenix area. He was sentenced to 41 months more than three years in prison for his role in the capital attack, but the bureau of prison says federal inmates can earn good time credit and earlier release. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott macfarlane tonight. It's now 8 25 on WTO. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology

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