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Penny Marshall has died at the age of seventy five TMZ says she passed from complications with diabetes Marshall, also directed. The Tom Hanks movies big at a league of their own. No sentencing today for former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, a federal judge in Washington DC decided that the defense and the prosecution will meet up again in court in about ninety days after a delay was ordered NBC legal analyst, Danny Cevallos says that's bad news for the defense team came in there today with an expectation and we've all been in court where things start going just haywire in some unexpected direction. Which is not a surprise that. His defense attorneys were totally on board with a continuance Sofala says it should have been easy to just get probation due to Flynn's cooperation with the prosecution Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with the Russians during the Trump. Presidential transition. Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey is naming Republican congresswoman Martha mcsally to fill the late. Senator John McCain seat once the first appointee John Kyle steps down at the end of the year. NBC reporter Garrett Hake has more value. We'll have to run for reelection immediately. It's almost like a house term to run for reelection in twenty twenty. And if you were to win you have to run for real I can't again in twenty twenty two. State that we now know purple state mix alley lost a democrat Kirsten cinema last month in the race to take outgoing GOP Senator Jeff flake seat, California is leading a group of states in an effort to make sure that ObamaCare remains in effect. But White House press secretary Sarah Sanders explains they've known that ObamaCare has been unconstitutional from the beginning what we want to see his health healthcare that actually protects preexisting conditions. But also is affordable for Americans across the war. A federal judge in Texas ruled the law was unconstitutional last week. A new study from Florida shows child abuse goes up after report cards, get set home. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio. A federal appeals court is being asked to overturn a judge's ruling that blocked Mississippi's newest abortion law from being enforced. The state is appealing last month's decision declaring the law unconstitutional, it would ban most abortions after fifteen months governor Phil Bryant signed the law in March, but district judge Carlton Reeves prevented it from taking effect abortion. Rights advocates call the law a shameless attempt to deny women access to abortions. China is celebrating which might call an economic anniversary. It was forty years ago that major economic reforms were introduced in China those reforms leading to an explosion of China's economy now the second largest in the world, president Xi Jinping delivered an address to Mark the occasion saying China would continue to work toward the greater global good. As a promoter of world peace without mentioning the United States g also added that China was now in a position where no one could dictate to the Chinese people. What should or should not be done bills emperor? NBC News Radio the renowned Mavericks surfing competition is likely off until January, but that didn't stop some surfers in California from taking on the monster waves and Half Moon bay yesterday the world surf league opted to postpone the event because the waves were too big and dangerous, but dozens of surfers opted to take on the waves that reached up to sixty feet. The national weather service says the swell that hit the San Mateo county coast yesterday is the seventh highest since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven astronomers say a newly discovered. Dwarf planet is the most distant object found in our solar system. Scientists have dubbed the object far out because it's more than one hundred times farther from the sun than the earth. The international astronaut Michael unions, minor planet center says it's likely a dwarf planet that is over three hundred and ten miles in diameter far out likely has a very long orbit around the sun possibly taking as long as one thousand years to make a single trip around the sun. Brian shook NBC News Radio far out. Indeed, Tom Roberts NBC News Radio..

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