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But i gotta let go let them go on a roll. He's trying to get him out of the top ten. Bob cousy call goes to the finals every year. What happened we have a take out in two thousand twenty one and bob cousy let me just say right now. Bob cousy mean me and zach harper. We host a radio show on sirius. Xm right here we got on the phone. We host this podcast called simple. But that's where we watch movies or at least movies were poorly rated on rotten tomatoes and try to ascertain are they accurately poorly rated or maybe they're not getting a fair shake sinophobic wherever you get podcast this week. We reviewed the nineteen ninety seven film. Anaconda starring john boy lopez nice hue yet israel. owen wilson. Who who did you do it with. I wanted to be on that one. Anaconda is the one. I wanted to do jon. Voight winking embryonic fluid rates in debt. I don't know if he's dead. But he's covered in some sort of petroleum and he's winking before he dies spoiler alert. Let me tell you right now. There are days while truly regret that sinophobic visual product and it goes. All we wanted to do was just post. Still shots of the voice. The faces the jon voight made he made so many ridiculous spaces that actually distracted from the fact that his accent and is waiting for you to get around. That's a really good. He sounds like my favorite scene. My favorite scene in the movie is when he's tied up to the mass because they've captured them and then the girl who's upset killed owen. Wilson comes up with a knife and he leaps from a seated position while his hands. His upper body is tied to the math. He leaves upward in the air nitrite and grabs her with his legs. So sir. that's right billy. Do you have any interest in this movie. You can we. Is there anything we can do. Roy's got a grin on his face. I don't know what it is. What what is making you smile about anaconda. Is it just all of it. Roy that i listened to you yesterday it it. It sounded like he was doing a twenty montana imprisoned nation. Here i it was bad. Billy can i interest you an anaconda again. Give him the cast of anaconda. So you got jon voight jennifer lopez jon. Voight owen wilson. Jon voight steve. I'm a professor jon. Voight danny trae. Ho jon voight eric. Stoltz who by the way was original. Marty mc fly guys know that. Right and jon. Voight stoltze actually have footage of eric salt as mardi mc fly and he gets the khandu stuck in his throat in this film yes he does he and his fish. You can the needle fish that can get peanuts actually get stuck in his throat here. You have that library. Do you have the amazon guy. We talked to who that happened to because we have that somewhere in our library. We wrestled away from espn for moments. Just like this one where we could go out to the amazon and bring you a twelve year old interview with a guy who got a fish stuck in his penis that That's what the canberra fish does in the amazon. It's horrible do you not know what this is i mean. Do you know anything about this. I know about it. Because i watched anaconda. That's why i know about it. But i also the idea that like oh. Espn you don't know what you let go all of this. All this goal try you don't understand is and how could you be so dumb. Look i run off with this analysis that we did have an interview. What is the can you find it. Mike how hard is defying. I think i called it the needle fish. It's a toothpick fish so this is courtesy of animal planet. Thirteen years ago on here is a victim talking. Animal planet about his experience with the lethal can do silvio..

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