Michigan, Blue Water Bridge, Gretchen Whitmer discussed on Sean Hannity


News, traffic and weather on the patriot on time traffic sponsored by as Ertak public adjusters. I seventy five southbound a square lake road. That accident cleared M thirty nine the Southfield southbound after mcnichols accident cleared there. I seventy five northbound between twelve mile and Adams down to two lanes. Northbound traffic is now shifted over to the southbound side. It's scheduled through mid November traffic is slowing from nine mile at the blue water bridge. Thirty minutes for trucks heading discern yet weekend closure on I ninety four between Connor and I seventy five all lanes will be closed in both directions for the French road. In concord street bridge demolitions closures from nine pm Friday until five AM Monday. And that's where that work is weather dependent the ramp closures in the area will start at seven PM on Friday evening and heavy traffic usual spas, including I ninety four eastbound between I ninety six in. Mt. Elliott I ninety four eastbound between nine mile and twelve mile road. Your weather forecast tonight showers. Likely after eight pm cloudy, low around forty Friday, rain likely cloudy, a high near forty four Friday night rain, a low around thirty seven right now, sixty seven degrees. From the townhall dot com newsroom. It will be even more expensive to operate a vehicle in Michigan beginning in July. The Michigan catastrophic claims association fund announced an increase in the fee that covers unlimited lifetime benefits under the state's no fault auto insurance system. The increase of twenty eight dollars has passed along the policy holders and raises the fee the two hundred twenty dollars per vehicle. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered an audit of the MCC a fun to see why the agency is raising.

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