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Improvement experts who give tips and tricks to get all your fall maintenance and renovation projects done before winter weather stripping sounds like something they do and hot southern states Jeff Wagner's home improvement showcase sponsored by fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin and the home market. why settle for just the job you could have a career in the exciting automobile industry the hundred and fifteen new car dealers and make of Adam the auto dealers association of metro Milwaukee have extremely desirable technician sales administrative and management positions available now with new ones opening up every day the salary and benefits are fantastic the potential for advancement is unlimited see for yourself this is a D. A. M. M. dot com the first word in career for this car and one of the best places to find a great career opportunity is at an end of new car dealer the life you've always imagined what you do today can improve all your tomorrows. go to work happy when you go to work in the auto industry for current great paying job opportunities visit Adam dot com that's a D. A. M. M. dot com. this week on the Lutheran hour Dr Michael Ziglar says we each have a part to play on god's stage with a script without a tryout with freedom and responsibility how will you play your part doctors ignorant his guest Dr Charles discussed our place in god's creation and our role in caring for it this week on the Lutheran hour. Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty. Hey it's run a radio he's.

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