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Drop weight down so let's say you so that's the hardest thing in powerlifting or anything lifted is to miss a wait and then you have to be on the hook on the third attempt to say if you don't get this you're in the audience just like everyone else so that's the point that john talking about is that it's on you you got a nut up basically get us that's where i like it the most because they put to push yourself to that level you know on your own for no monetary there's no money involved in this there's half time on stage with trophies it's like it's more about that feeling of saying gee it's you you're on the stage there's all these people and you either get it or you don't get it and to go to that spot think i'd rather go to the hospital not get this like that that's what i think that's uses it's on you that's gonna walk i respect it's it just moving but i think and i'll say this because i thirty years i've done a tremendous amount of trainings of other things right fight training and i've never done powerlifting weightlifting training for anything but the singular thing of just fighting in his all on you you know football team sport you know saying but when you think a weightlifting but weightlifting doesn't have an opponent against it the opponent is the way you know what i'm saying but when i sometimes think about the fighting inches being out there by yourself i can understand that the n even getting an air spar that it's all on you all in the ring you all by yourself so i can get the mentality you know saying where there's no help is just you if you don't make it if you don't stand up if you don't if you ain't prepared if you ain't prepare either two ways gonna kick ass and other person gonna kick ass and one that's a humbling thing because i've been you know on if i suppose spoke what on the podcast.

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