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The akis or four domingo's her mom but it ended just fine series opener at the stadium and after spotting the mariners a quick one nothing lead the keys roll past seattle the to her monologue a leadoff double d gordon the next and the only other hit and run he allowed came in the seventh inning when nelson cruz homered inbetween plenty of support for her mind including a pair of fifth inning two run all mors i from a gallon do are and then from aaron hicks exciting we was for ron those big big for momentum i dams area so well hicks feels good right now he has homered each of the last three days that audio courtesy of yes giancarlo stanton homered tonight and so did over torres her mom in the wind struck out nine second consecutive win as the yankees move a season high twenty six games above five hundred jonathan louisa versus felix hernandez tomorrow night so the yankees had four home runs in their game tonight the colorado rockies have hit three home runs in one inning tonight and this ending is still going bottom of the third the rockies lead the mets sixty two jason vargas on the mound and he allowed two runs in the first two colorado on four consecutive basis and then a really got ugly here in the third charlie blackmon a leadoff single and then nolan arenando homer to two run shot followed by another home run by trevor story followed by another home run by eating desmond back to back to back home run for the rockies who lead them met six to two who will have to rally here tonight in colorado to keep their winning streak alive or winning streak that's stands at three but varcas pitches into a big hole rockies lead at six to vargas out hansel robust in houston astros tonight are trying to win their thirteenth street game with her down a run bottom of the eighth the raise lead the astros two to one bottom nine texas leads kansas city four to one red sox and twins are now tied it to that game bottom eight in minnesota the indians beat the white sox six to three interleague todd three padres the as two to one bottom free diamondbacks and angels are tied at one reg beat the tigers nine to five braves over the blue jays eleven to four and the nationals outscore the orioles nine two seven two games today wrigley the first goes to the dodgers four three over the cubs and in the second game they moved to the bottom of the ninth and cubs and dodgers are tied at one bottom to the marlins three nothing to brewers beat the pirates three two cardinals over the phillies seventy six and it was as we mentioned the dodgers beating the cubs earlier four to three.

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