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TV plus dot com I'm Jonathan Bastian this week on Kcrw's life examined, diving underwater with philosopher and scientist Peter Godfrey Smith. So if you're an octopus, all of those arms which in some ways a little bit more like tons or lips, they have all sorts of senses on them such that they're tasting everything that's being touched. What octopus, shrimp and coral teachers about the nature of existence and sense of self That's life examined wherever you get your podcasts. KCRW sponsors include Netflix presenting the film I'm no longer Here about the Columbia knows the disaffected youth embracing their culture and music in the mountains of Monterrey, Mexico. Awards eligible So I'd love you to travel back in time with me to August of 1972, The Stax record label collaborated with the Watts Summer Festival to produce Watts stacks at the Los Angeles Coliseum. And it was the largest gathering of African Americans in one place since the civil rights march on Washington and 1963 after the 1965 Watts uprisings and the ensuing unrests in the major cities across America. Watts tax was an attempt at demonstrating positive ways The community could move forward the community of Los Angeles where we are, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson was the emcee, and because it was a benefit for the community, the stacks roster of performers all performed for free. Festival opened with the Star Spangled Banner, followed by Kim Weston singing lift every voice and sing, which is also known as the Black national.

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