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The mastermind behind the attacks of 9 11. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, also known as KSM is facing American justice, but his lawyers say he admitted that under duress There's a B C's Terry Moran before the trial begins. The judge must also decide what evidence can be admitted the defense team, arguing that the men on trial or tortured, subjected to brutal interrogation techniques. And that their accounts and that confession are in question. The CIA has admitted to subjecting Collegiate Mohammed to repeated waterboarding, a technique that simulates drowning. And this trial has been held up for nearly a decade for the survivors and family members of the victims. It's a process that has taken far too long more than a week after the storm. The Louisiana death toll from Hurricane Ida has risen by five. But just who's responsible is the subject of a growing debate as we hear from a B C's Jim Ryan After Ida knocked out the power, the managers of 10 New Orleans apartment complexes for seniors say they tried unsuccessfully to get help from the city. Five residents would later die in their on air conditioned apartments. But Mayor LaToya Cantrell blames the apartment operators. It was negligence and it is not on the backs of the city of New Orleans. The city has now evacuated 10 of the apartment buildings closing down two of them. Jim Ryan, ABC News More than 200,000 Washingtonians are without a lifeline. Now. Federal pandemic unemployment benefits expired Monday. That includes the weekly $300 a week supplement for millions of Americans were more employees head back to work now, given the major staffing shortage. Cuomo's Suzanne Thon with more Baba restaurant business is brisk. Kunar Teresa Nguyen is busy interviewing people for restaurant positions and you start interviewing a young lady for a server position. Her restaurant has done a lot to try and persuade employees to come back and encourage more people to apply. We offer health insurance we're looking to offer. 41 K restaurants and hotels and the hospitality industry took a big hit during the pandemic because of closures and layoffs. Then there was a massive staffing shortage, Some say stems from concerns about covid 19 childcare issues and unemployment benefits. Federal pandemic unemployment benefits just expired on Labor Day that impacts about 200,000 Washingtonians. The rise of Covid 19 cases and kids back in school already has doctors talking about this year's flu season. Medical reporter Liz Bonus, spoke with Grace Watch Oh kick president of Akron Children's Hospital in Saint Elizabeth Health Care's Dr Robert Tracy. She shares why they want you to step up and get your flu shot as early as this week. Healthcare providers say they are talking about the flu because, unlike last year where we were mainly indoors in masks and not in school this year,.

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