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And we're talking about the Las Vegas Raiders, Formerly the Oakland Raiders. Formally the Los Angeles Raiders formally The Raiders doesn't matter where they play. Listen. It's been bad for a long time now. One playoff appearance since that Super Bowl of parents in 2000 and two Now you got a coach in here really hasn't coached and 10 years and used to coach for you and any left than any beach. You and Now the team is average defense sucks. And your father coordinator and a new coaches just calling stupid plays and You got a look at some of the draft choices since he took over, and then he traded Khalil Mack. And then it's just like you got seven more years and a $70 million and the owner has a funky haircut. It's like he did it at Supercuts. It's just Ugly. Forget Supercuts. He looks like he did his hair cut at home. What the hell is the future for the Raiders? Is Jon Gruden going to be the God? Just take you to the promised land you You don't even have certainty with the quarterback situation. And then, of course, of course, because this is just how it happens. You know, Derek carpools is growing. He's like. Oh, do I throw a pass? Do I run to what do I do? Oh, my growing decided for me. Neither Get back to these phone lines before our Gosta rollout..

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