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Just when you think Tom Brady might be heading south with his career at the age of forty one. I'd only through for close to three hundred yards today. But he threw a huge intercepts in that might have been the worst interception. I've ever seen him throw today in a seventeen to ten loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now how much trouble or the patriots in that say that heartbreaker last week that miracle loss to the Miami Dolphins. And now this they're nine and five and one of the things that we forget about the patriots as they've had so many first round byes over the years because they play in the AFC east where there's really no competition. And then you know, if they win most of their other games, that's like five or six automatics in the AFC east, and they're guaranteed. Minimum ten wins ear and probably more. And they have a lot of first round byes over the years and saves a lot of wear and tear. But man will they have to go on the road this year in an opening round playoff and play an extra play an extra playoff game before hopefully for their sake or run to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady starting to head into the downside would that intercepts. And he threw today. I I'm not ready to say. That yet. I I think the patriots have a lot of problems offensively especially running the ball that aren't related to Tom Brady. But wow. And of course, we're not gonna blame him for last week. Are we with Bill Belichick's colossal mistake of that prevent defense on that on that double lateral thing that the Miami Dolphins ran? But I don't know. There's a lot of people. I'm hearing in the media today saying that Tom Brady, maybe maybe heading off the cliff here. I'm not ready to say that yet. He's gonna have over thirty touchdowns and four thousand yards passing again on this pace. Which a lot of quarterbacks will be happy to have. What about the patriots? Now looking at maybe not getting a bye in the first round. And maybe having to play an extra road playoff game estate. Smith yard NBC's worth wait on NBC sports radio dot com. Eight five five three three four NBC hit me up on Twitter at Dave sports guy. Oh, look, we've got on the line. Now our favorites they Washington Redskins with a sixteen to thirteen win today over the Jacksonville Jaguars. And you know, every time the Redskins win a game. I hearken back to the glory days of Jim Tom Sula who was the coach on my San Francisco forty Niners. And I think one of the worst years and forty Niners history. But Thompson was real character. Wasn't he? Tongue tied. He could barely get words out member. And then member at a press conference. Remember when he passed gas at a press conference. It was unbelievable. He's up there answering questions from the media any loudly pass gas and then afterwards, he blamed it. He said it was a reporter sitting in the front row on a leather chair. And that was the that was the sound came out, and it was a three ring circus. Now, he is the he's the defensive line coach of the Washington Redskins. And boy he loves to call the show whenever the Redskins get a win. And they won today. Sixteen to thirteen against the Jacksonville Jaguars. So Joson fill back. There is coach Tomasulo ready to go. Let's bring him on right now. Coach congratulations on the win today..

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