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From the past couple years he has an employee here Tim Loesch come and speak with me when you hear terms today spent eight million on the war and there's forty three files and I can't wait to get back to the land with the criminals are you talking about my Subaru and classic towing in Paterson New Jersey or a digital files of our roof our meeting together to spend eight million the paid off Russians to us whatever drug I hope that you write your own book it should be filed under fiction probably Jeff and Errington Illinois hello Jeff I want to say that your whole left after all it's farcical on weekends and Democrat all my life this is ridiculous so what they're doing to the land you know what I'm saying we do know what you're saying yes any comments in response the Doug we'd he asked that I think yeah Lee is doing a good job of that and everything he's learned everything from the what happened why al Saddam and all and we let our guest and responded to to did to Jeff here go ahead if you would Doug we'd hi hi Jeff yeah hi it's getting a little crazy out there I started getting death threats with the the the word of life thought was coming out they hadn't even read it yet and it was not just one it was multiple death threats some of the main the members of my family and where they can tie it children in five different states and the F. B. I. had to get involved this is just a ridiculous your children will be paid in blood if your book goes to press all of this sort of thing what would what it would you repeat that last what your children will be phased in blood named all of my children who who who does this who did this this war we don't know the F. B. I.'s trying to find out that there were multiple death threats well with the word of the book was coming out they're just people are hot today and these were people on the left to the imagination on this boat imagine that imagine that one eight six.

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