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Pass to Welker that some would say was a little bit thrown behind him, others said that he should have caught it. And gisele basically came out and said, my husband can not both throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, how about even after the divorce? She came to Tom's defense as a player. She said, quote, it's a team sport. You can't play alone. I think he did a great job under the circumstances. I mean, he had no offensive line. Wow. Wow. Giselle, my hair. The cheap did she come out and say like, are they getting back or is she gonna dump her yoga instructor or whatever? Do you Brazilian jiu-jitsu guy? Whatever it. No, no, no, she said that they're through, they're done, but she did come to his defense as a football player. Okay, I thought maybe. I love that. I mean, he had no offensive line. Those guys are awful. Those guys are awful. Come on, you poor offensive lineman. You can blame for everything, huh? I know. Anytime a quarterback doesn't look good, laying the offensive line, even just L blames you guys. I know. I know. It's probably all Sierra feels about the Broncos last year. Look at that offensive line. They were trash. That's right. Currently right now, she is on my list. Uh oh. She's gonna get a stern talking to from Martin. Mark and gisele come face to face. That's right. Someone needs to talk to you for a minute. A little something about football. Right. That'll do it for what is trending up next. Got a couple of topics here for you that we want to get into. What do you need to see from the nuggets over these last 9 games? And how much do you blame injuries on what happened to Russell Wilson last year? That's next. Loosen up those joints in muscles. Each time for your 7 45 stretch. Here's where it did Evans with the biggest story in Denver sports. Nothing bigger than Troy rank are Denver 7 insider presented by rocks heating and air. Troy, do you, with the news that Russell Wilson underwent a minor niece scope on top of the other injuries that he had last season. He had the shoulder injury. He had the concussion. He had a hamstring. How much do you blame injuries for his performance last year? What was part of it? There's no doubt the scheme related. It was his preference not to run early in the season. There was some aging involved. So yeah, there was a confluence of factors that led to the worst season of his career. So when you look at it, you say, okay, fresh start, he's going to be healthy when he went through all this other stuff. He had a minor knee issue that's been annoying him, get it cleaned up as well. I expect him to be leaner to play at a different way is my guess, especially in the pictures I've seen of him this off season. He's ready to be coached. Because let's be honest, this feels like a one year audition for him with Sean Payton. Sean Payton is not going to be giving out any flowers to any players anytime soon. Russell's got to come in and prove it. And so in that way he comes in healthy and all this is a good sign, but the concern is the age that is a declining player dealing with an age issue. So you have to bear that in mind, at least be mindful of it and hope that this isn't the beginning of a guy dealing with a lot of health issues that it was just an anomaly when you look at the rest of his career. How much of how much of signing Jared Stidham was about a young ascending player and how much was it just about that and how much was it about not really trusting Russell Wilson? I don't know that it's not about trusting we also because they want this year to work if possible. But it is the idea that you have a guy in a backup who's played a few meaningful meaningful snaps, obviously played great against the niners last year. And it just gives you an option that if a Russell is injured or ineffective or B, you know, after this year, you're looking in a new direction, you've got something there, someone that was with you that worked with you, that you're going to develop. I mean, obviously, set them has a great relationship with Davis Webb, the quarterbacks coach, he respected Sean Payton, Peyton, is what drew him to the Bronco. So I don't know that it's not trusting Wilson as much as wanting a better option if things get sideways again. And when you look at even when they had Drew Brees in New Orleans, Peyton had options at backup that if drew was going to miss because at the end of his career, he typically missed three or four games this season that you feel like you can win, whether he did it with teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill. It just feels like he wanted to be protected at that position. Do you think a receiver gets dealt? I mean, there was a better chance before yesterday when Elijah Moore went to the browns. The browns were in on Jerry Judy and they just could not find common ground. I mean, the Broncos have asked for a first round pick. The browns don't have the first round pick because of the deshaun Watson trade. And so it was going to involve you see how they did the deal. They send a three to get a two backs. You send more in a three to get a two back when the Bronco is ever going to do something like that. They've just never backed off on wanting a first rounder for Judy and that tells you how much they like you. It tells you though when they're in on Adam Thielen, they were in on Allen lazard. That they want to reconfigure, specifically Sean Payton wants to reconfigure that wide receiver room. So we keep an eye on it. The Patriots, I'm not sure if they're out yet. They got juju Schuster Smith. The cowboys are out. So some of these teams are out, the Giants still like them, the packers still like them. I mean, there's some teams out there you keep an eye on. I do now wonder what the browns off the board if this will go up to the draft. And the something could still happen either right before the draft or during the draft. Are the Broncos unrealistic with their with their draft demands or their compensation demands for Jerry Judy, when you think about a guy like Brandon cooks, I think drew a 5th and 6th rounder. Nobody seems to be interested in Deandre Hopkins with a second round pick. Are they just asking for way too much? Well, so far they are, if you look at they haven't moved it. If they really wanted to move him, he would be both. I mean, it's one of those things. We like him enough that we don't want to move in, but we're making him available if you overwhelm us. It's one of those types of scenarios. Kind of like it was with Bradley Chubb that they got the right deal. They were moving each other and eventually the dolphins were Leonard and gave him a first. So far, that isn't the case for Judy. The one difference from Judy and the players you brought up Mark is that Judy salary this year is so manageable at four 8 or whatever it is. And even as option, if you pick up his 5th year option and you have to decide by May 1st, it's still right at 12 million. If he becomes the guy you think he is, that's a bargain in the current receivers market where most guys are getting 18 to 20 million. So in that regard, they're not asking too much. That's why you can ask that is because he's salary as such. What if you were to move him? You're going to have to pay down part of the contract. It would be more like a Brandon coach deal because of the money he's owed this year. The cap hit, but there's no dead money after this season either. That's, you know, if you were going to try to acquire him as a different team. But have they asked for too much, it tells you they still want him enough not to just give him away. And they really want draft capital. And when you look at players on their roster who could bring back draft capital, he's near the top of that list. And that's why

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