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To it today this is our thirty fifth day of the year at or above ninety degrees our next news update at one thirty I'm Laura. Hatch on KOA NewsRadio eight. Fifty AM and ninety four, one FM. I'm Robert and I'm a. Patient of the Rocky. Mountain men's clinic I was in a. Funk because I couldn't perform sexually I had the desire. But I didn't have the, physical ability I lived with this problem for about twelve years was depressing and wasn't good for my relationship I would tell guys who are in a similar situation to skip the fake ads, that promise all kinds of things and deliver little or nothing go to a legitimate agency the. Understand your problem medically Rocky Mountain men's clinic were very friendly they took their time they understood exactly why I was there there were very Matter of fact very professional amongst other things I felt. Very confident that what they were doing was safe if you struggle with e d like I did I would suggest that you, overcome, your initial, embarrassment, of the problem and don't just live with it there is an effective treatment for there are people who understand the problem those people are. At Rocky Mountain men's clinic this is Jeff director the Rocky Mountain. Men's clinic. You don't have to live with any. More give us a call at seven two zero four four zero seventy nine. Hundred or go to Rocky Mountain men's clinic dot com I love. Talking to people smarter than me who know things I. Don't know like Steve, Simms who made a business out of. Making dreams come true or Larry read on why character matters more than ever or Dr Jamie. Williamson on how to assess the state of your marriage or crystal Fonseca what how to choose the right wine that's why I created the ladies chitchat club dot com so. I can share the smarts, as podcast. With you join today for. Just four ninety nine. A month at ladies chitchat club dot. Com where we Make smart women's smarter coast to coast AM we keep our friends close with this We've talked about tarot. Cards before on the program but we've got the, home run specialist of all times Dr art Wilson garden talking about the terrible cards and. It will also do some of your readings right here on coast, to coast AM so don't miss the show. And we keep our enemies closer Costa Tonight at eleven on KOA NewsRadio Get ready to binge. It's new, to view streaming edition next week net flicks adds a lot more to their..

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