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Now it doesn't sound. Come on, man. I did I did something once where where somebody's race it. It's the same kind of thing. Her name was her name was last name is Christmas and they named her merry Christmas. Not M A R Y M E R Y. Chris Kristen in Washington township says Ida client who's nameless. Jack doff. Jack ball, I believe that like Jared's brother. Dear brother, Jack, Damian San Marino. I'm not scared of the Cowboys like I'm scared of the fact that the eagles are mediocre best. And the Cowboys are playing slightly better than mediocre avid deer. Hunter says who cares? What the eagles? Do. They'll get obliterated by wherever they face in the playoffs. But Mike in the bay area says could you ask John tonight? Is there any chances twenty eighteen team could be doing what the two thousand eighteen did get hot get clicking late in the season. Take the momentum into the postseason to make a deep push. Because that's after all this team did win the Super Bowl last year against a lot of odds. Yeah. That's the hope that is the design that is the as much as I sit here today and say, well, you gave me the lie detector tests. And I I would have to say the Cowboys the team the beaten division right now, you beat the Redskins and you beat the Cowboys, then all changes. And then that's when you're starting to say. Yup. This team is prime for a run. Then we get the Rams who would be the foresee or a, well, we we get the biopsy. Did they won? They wanna to win NFC's. I'm assuming they are the four seat for. So I mean, they will get the Carolina or Seattle Seattle. Carolina Seattle right now a couple of those teams kinda muck there right in the middle. Right. Or you could get one or two teams from Newark Chicago or Minnesota near let me let me let me look real quick here. We'll get back to get Minnesota and the first. Yeah. You know, what would happen if Minnesota came down here? Again, you being the urinal. Viking six four and one there bears. Eight and three bears of a I don't know how to use that as a tie. So I would normally two games ahead. But they're not as Daniels the quarterback. That's basically what they're doing. Pitcher Bisky if they if they were let's say six five right now he may have played yet. Again, they're holding him out. Yeah. Strong for the month of December. Could it could be the Vikings could be the Panthers could be the Seahawks. There's really not another team that it looks like. Eric because you're only getting two out of the south the Redskins and the Cowboys that are six and five right? And and unless I don't see two teams coming out of the forty Niners in the cards are out of its six and five bucks are out of it. The falcons are out of it. The Panthers are in at six and five Green Bay in Detroit. You never wanna wanna wanna count out Aaron Rodgers. But if the run the table Green Bay will get a lot of help. Yeah. And then the east is what it is. By the way, uncle Jamie checks on text message from the Michigan band plays that song. That's probably where you heard it football assuming. Oh, really, you may get some you know, what you may get like a Penn State band playing that to you hear that in college football. College somewhere was how football. Yeah. Accepting. I've heard it depends state games kid. I heard that in a stupid little house. Could've been Penn State. Penn State, right? All I remember here at Penn State that damn Nittany lion. Roaring. We are. Hey. And that's in that shabby frigging Nittany lion. Listen, the last time, we did the Penn State thing. People were I got people don't know Penn. State people MAC. Yeah. We know how they are. Right. You bashing my school man, how Betsy they they take it as bashing all all that. I was saying was the they're not in the same. If if the USC job would have opened up. It's a no brainer for James Franklin to take that job and anybody that says, otherwise just totally brain dead sorry to tell you. I'm staying away from it. This time. Robin douglas. Oh, hi, rob. Hey, guys. What's also? Thank you. Every night, man. So I gotta ask you for what you see this year. I hate saying this 'cause we went six and ten that season. I know you went you went to the falcons, no five. What does this team this year? Look like how we were like cure was injuries. 'cause it just it just feels like that. They're actually the night of the Seahawks game own out like forty to nothing. Was like forty two three or six Reggie White Knight. Yeah. It killed me. Man. Now, I listen, I think this is the different scenarios air that team was sorta doing because of the situation. Donovan winds up getting injured a lot of stuff going on. I see where you're trying to draw. Similarities just because there's a lot of distractions coming off the Super Bowl even though that was at at the Super Bowl loss. There's still a lot of stuff going on like that off season, except there isn't necessarily controversy going on with the team this year. There's no controversy going on. No, I think this is more or less a team that struggle with Dilling would success this off season and. Hey, something you learn from something we all can learn from right? Even though a lot of the evidence was right there in front of us. You know, when you look at other teams that hadn't repeated and some of the struggles they went through, you know, I'm guilty of it. I wanted to ignore that stuff and say the eagles would be the exception. And the way to go back to back. Well. Well, maybe the team the ball to kick off one Thursday night against Atlanta. And they would automatically click like it did last year and it didn't. So they've found themselves basically trying to survive all year and then the injuries where injury starting happening. Yeah. Last year. They rebounded from the injuries last year. They didn't have craven LeBlanc and Sullivan and BAAs be is the other guy. I mean, the the injuries this year ridiculous. Yeah. Good Victor and Ali. Hi, victor. Hey, guys, always enjoy watching. You are listening. But you know, for I'm just appreciative that Monday night, we get to play football. And it means something I don't think Dallas is gonna win. But incorrect from we if we beat red skins actually tied for first. Yeah. If that was loses the tonight yet. Yup. Also, you know, what what the hell, you know, enjoy every day because you know, what? After fifty two years of whatever we got. I'm just ball along for the ride. And so you guys have a great show. Keep doing what you're doing man. Appreciate thank you. Yeah. Listen, they they expect in the win Monday night. I expect I hope that the the saints win tonight. And I all you can ever ask for is a chance, right? And if that happens if two things that are favored to happen. It's going to be a hell of a week next week. It is going to be one one great week leading up to that game for sure. Yeah. For what four twenty-five game. I believe that game. Is you would think it's I think it's already a four twenty five already set got to be. Yeah. I mean, that's what we're hoping for right? We how many times over the last couple of years. Have we done? Games leading up to. I mean, Don show's leading up to the Cowboys eagles game. And we're like. There really aren't really to rivalry. Well, I'll tell you what Cowboys lose the night. He was win Monday night. You won't hear none of that. The matchup for anybody. Get ready for your most hated cowboy talk coming up next week, right? Coming up next is Howard Eskin. Get ready to listen to a big cowboy fan. Yes. Not anymore. Well, not anymore. You now you saying he's just waiting for them to be good again. Now, you can't win a ring. He's waiting on Jimmy Johnson to get into the hall of fame. Go all the way out that it can't lock. Yeah. Aol locked at that happens. Right. We've coming up next with Joe, Jillian. And then you have Thursday night football the saints visiting the Cowboys IQ official pick is I'm going Sates thirty eight Cowboys. Twenty-three? Ooh injury. Yeah. I like it. But I'll say thirty eight thirty five you think the Cowboys could put up thirty five. No. But it sounded good. Coming up next the evening show. Ben. Thank you. Great job. We'll talk to you to MARCY. This is Tiki barber with a CBS sports minute. Brought to you by Navin tankless water heaters. Proven performance for endless hot water. The brawn James is a polarizing athlete. Not because he gets in any trouble is actually an exceptional citizen, but more because we can't help. But haven't opinion about the latest issue revolves around a report that he doesn't listen the Lakers head coach Luke Walton when he calls placed from the sideline the restore reaction is.

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