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Blackie Okey segments on the my cal to show and Kevin got hosed shenanigans to cannery is what took place there there was a bit of a well I how would you describe what went down well first of all I don't know how seriously one can take a segment called Blackie okay not very but we are all competitive I was asked about my man Galvin yep to do a song with it sure I thought this was rooted in comedy right but I thought I was supposed to be as funny as possible on the song basically saying I can saying but I want to do this funny ha ha saying right foot the bit because that's what I thought we we don't we don't think for a living this is no American idol this is no the voice of the people on this station is very violent and all that is for damn is for fun right I saw Spanish in the hallway okay and I said Spanish I'm doing a song it was supposed to be secret that's whiting tweet about it wanted to reveal their black friend right so I told Spanish as light look we're doing earth wind and fire shot installed grates on you to see it is timely since the marreese white has to wait is like that it's a great site everybody loves it and I said Hey should I sing this funny or should I be as serious as possible any although I mean for sure man you want to be funny Manda rightly funny that's a great song okay and then I turn the radio on this morning a Spanish in J. R. did the song they did the song that we talked about in the hallway and we were supposed to sing the song the best that we could write we ended up but he's he got me he felt he stole the song that you're gonna do stole the song sandbag me by telling me to sing it funny when I was really supposed to sing it like I can sing it will dammit to hell that doesn't seem I mean I love Spanish is a good friend of mine but it seems to me like you got worked all of it let me I think it worked I've got I'll admit when I get work I got Spanish and J. R.'s version of that song by the way do not move a muscle because the guy who we thought was am I a in fact I'll be honest the guy who we thought had passed away I told you he was alive his on our phone right now so hang tight for that but here's Spanish and J. R. O. there's no need to place thank you J. R. and.

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