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Who weeds to what we're in the vip in winfrey case people will be looking ask thinking what if i refrain that me thinking tulsa has in his bat manueli's did yep out manuel aids did why did they go to canadian analyst him but did come back with a team to turn away so come see comes coming up is our interview the chris does it with ben roberts who is head of their bfi film thumped ben is the man along with his colleagues who decides whether bfi spend that luxury funding and now it's on supporting march no voices in film he was invoked without from pride which was about well the gay community supporting the miners a really interesting experience on the day pride came how at riddled reviews fivestar reviews everywhere ice it's part of the arctic ice while ago much brixton irish buy tickets pie do we might as well have been buying tickets for some kind of hard court game 6 fill it's the bfi london film festival this week which has been an incredibly supportive voice in lgbt cupola cinema and he talks about lgbtq plus voices vote in front of the camera and also behind the camera we're not there we have an gall savir's gay roman coal mines that are not marketed on the basis of the being the first this for the first thought i want it's going to expand because well he's a gay man i think he's suv influential and positive force in cinema and cinema is how a lot of birth of of first contacts with other world.

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