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How shall we put it even when he he plays obviously, an attacking four position on it's not as wide as a traditional winger. In interviews. He's very kind of forthright and saying I am a winger. I don't see myself as a forward and certainly at the weekend. When you see him shift the ball onto his left foot for the first save by Pickford, and then do it again and allow Lucas Denia to just like what are you doing like, you feel as if last season he might pull the trigger with the right or are you feel like a top class striker like an out? No goal scorer is going to smash those with his right. He's. One thing. So for straighten we've talked about this a little bit in previous weeks. But one thing that I I'm just surprised by. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes. I don't know what your clubs. He's training. I'm not saying DiBa Caridi. Is not a good player. I know what you like. But this team needs a little something different right now in attack and to meet like every time, you're cheery comes on for them. He brings something of value. And it just feels like he's so that guy who's just sitting there right now like begging to be called upon and he's just not getting used with the sorta regularity that maybe Liverpool could really use from him. What I don't understand is. When I didn't have a great game the weekend and he his driving runs for midfielder important. So why would you not introduce Naby keta who does that kind of thing? Why did you buy him? Like, why did you buy him? And to your point about cherry if for me, no doesn't play because we regular say how he links the whole thing together. He kind of plays as a number nine number ten kind of player. He does almost fulfils to rules, and he links to play together. Diva creek is not that player. So why would you play should cheery? Yeah. I thought the same thing. So why would you not bring him on at all crazy on? I tweeted out, and it seemed to to hit home with a few people, you know. Guys, who we thought six months ago, we were moving on from annum not saying they're bad players just saying it was time to move on from them like Alannah Ariga are still featuring heavily in the site. And you wonder is that a conservative note from from Klopp that ultimately will cost us now on the bare bones of the game Andrew for beano puts that in the net. You don't see Everton equalizing. And you feel like it could be one nil. I mean Everton decree it don't. But not not not to the extent that Liverpool. Did we know the Sala chance and and really the for being a one? I don't know is is it asking a lot of a player like him to take that first time. I just thought proximity. I don't think very I mean, as as very let them down at the very least have a good first touch. Yeah. That was wild. Yeah. It gave Dini just enough of an opportunity to get back in and clear that away really was that close because you're right. I think if Liverpool score there, I think they probably go on to win that game. So the way they're defending his now since since February started talking about their defending for sex. They've up. One goal on February fourth. They drew one one with west the had not given up a goal sense that includes barn Munich thoughts. Manchester United who are like the form team yet. No, it should be said they only had like three games in in a thirty day spine. But nevertheless dot defending his no, you're not giving them enough credit. They don't look troubled is what is what I would say is one one against west handled February then three no overboard with. No, no with Byron. No, no with United five..

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