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Every time he's called in to our show and has been a guest. So who better to talk about that and talk about what's going on with a e. W But cody Rhodes cody. How are you this morning? I'm really great. I'm I'm this is news to me about this special that you're putting together on me and band. I I hope you pick some of the best stuff because we've had some wonderful conversations over the years now At this point so really big day. I'm glad to hear that already morning. Cody do you have any idea? How poor here we go. Like how giddy Dave league-record gets when he talks about you. I I understand the effect to some degree that I have one day record I and I. It's flattering it is it is it is very. It's very flattering. Because I do not have that same effect on on many people but the Greco is Rider die he's trying To the cause and I I do like that. Hey Gopal see. Bullied thinks everything in that naked of tone the positive then. I love pro. Wrestling Code is a huge part of what's going on in the landscape of pro wrestling in two thousand and twenty bully a e w dynamite is an of that each and every Wednesday night. And Cody understands. That cody is difficult for you to walk through life every single day with David Greco Wacko show opponents at. I cody cody's above answer and that kind of course I. I am not above ads during it. I bully I love that. People like will record in my life. Does it become a bit tax thing become a.

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