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Tell me you had me laughing earlier in the show. We're talking about the Niners. A laundry list of problems slash injuries. But you said, impair phrasing. Watch. They mess around and beat the Packers this upcoming first at night Because I was thinking the exact same thing. I haven't had a chance to look. And and really dive into the Packers Vikings game, but I got the cliff notes. Cook hit him for a lot of yards on the ground. Green Bay couldn't do anything about Minnesota's rushing and if the Niners with Mullins and I know that's you know, That Possibly works out in Green based favorite have the backup quarterback in there, and you don't have Wilson. You don't have Raheem Mostert put the Niners ground game obviously, is the fish that they lead with most often. I mean, it's not implausible that they could really do things on the ground and Give the Packers a scare or just out right? Yeah, they're not bereft of talent. I mean, they'd still have talent on this team. It's just Can you do it consistently that that's the question Now I still think they can do it occasionally. And this would be a perfect spot with everyone saying, Okay, that's it. It's over. Okay missing and that's it. It's over. I can't imagine the only one and them kind of rising up and plan a really good game. I think the Packers will be in an interesting situation because Data's got beat at home by the Vikings. Yet they'll come out here and see no Garoppolo know, kiddo and the team that looks like it's going to run direction and who knows if they'll be A CZ properly motivated is you would think they would be, But sometimes it doesn't work that way. So this is one that I think is going to be interesting, But they're underdogs for a reason. Actually thought they'd be a little bit more of an underdog. I think they're minus 2.5. Minus three right around that. Really? Yeah. I thought they'd be around 4 4.5, but we'll see. Word ends up. Yeah, the betters take the take the line. But, yeah, I mean, it's took a guy's eye can play. I mean, they still have dudes. A comm play. I mean, you can play Mullins is a capable Back up. They got some guys on the offensive line that air good to get some guys in the defense that are good, so I don't know that they'll put it together consistently, but they're not a team. I just can't imagine their teams in to come out and start to get steamrolled. They're not that they're not that bad. And they've had too much success here to dis roll over and not play, so I'd seem to murder if Mort is right and and they're going to add, you know, there's going to be An extra playoff team and you're talking about bad them. They'll make it eventually. Yeah. I mean, if you really mean that they would be a play off team. They would be a play off team if more more told us is wines that being the case and that is he was saying the contingency resolution if the games were lost due to the cove in 19 that there might be a 16 team playoff with With a, you know, four division winners and four wild cards in each conference, So you got eight in each conference. They're not eight teams in the NFL. They're going to be better than the 40 Niners. This year, in my opinion, even with all their injuries by the way Thursday night You know, I mentioned before the Packers held all their meetings today, virtually because a J. Dylan they're running back Rookie at NBC tested positive for covert 19. What's coming down right now in rapid port on Twitter says that Jamal Williams He is considered a close contact to a J. Dylan and he's in danger of missing the game. He was told not to practice today. He's up in the air for Thursday night. Aaron Jones is already out with the calf injury and he may not be ready to return. So They may not have Aaron Jones or Jamal Williams or a G. Dylan of their top three running backs. And in that case, they're saying they might lean on Tyler Ervin. Or get him. Dexter Williams, who's on the practice squad. So you know Green Bay is not Nick's not exactly rolling in rumble in either. No, not at all. And let me say this. If that game I hope the games played, But you never know what the situation could be. If that we'll see in the next 24 hours on what kind of outbreak they're dealing with. I mean, it had to be a serious outbreak for the game not to be played. I mean, we've seen the NFL, they'll move him. But they want out right canceling on and postponing them is almost a last ditch. If not the last resort for the NFL. Say this in terms of the Niners going forward and people going. Wait a minute. Expanding the playoffs due to you know what we heard from Ortho contingency plan for the competition Committee or whatever. It doesn't even make sense for the Niners to try to make the playoffs. Should they tank they need to tank. That's the smart strategy. It's never going to happen. Hey, And if you're still lives, don't tank it. Well, it's not the player Stone. Maybe exactly particularly thankyou. There's way too much talent. Onus teams Tommy mentioned as we can all see with our own two eyes and the players aren't a part of the tank plant because These guys are basically one year contract guys, So they're trying to put their best foot forward always. And if you say all right, I will help ease this team out by trying to be a part of this. This Ah Take job. You might not be there on the team next year, so it's not in a players is that in the player's mentality, or at least it shouldn't be. And it's not an employer's best interest to be a part of a team wide. Tank job. There might be some people in the organization that wanted It's more than likely never going to be a player and to get a player or a group of players to go along with. Hey, let's suck this year because we might get a better draft pick for next year. You're not going to get players to do that. It's just simply not how it works. So that idea Tank for better draft pick. Forget about the playoffs is not worth it. You're doing more harm than good if you try to and do win football games You could just forget that it's never going to be a part of the deal. Yeah, It's not just football players do not tank in any sport. They don't doesn't happen now. They could set you up. Never fails going to chance to win. Yeah, they could not play their best players or they can play players. I won't give you the best chance to win more minutes. But they will never. Players will never go out there and not play their best and try to win basketball games. Baseball games hockey for whatever sport that the league players or why you don't make it to that level and then say All right, let's go ahead and throw this game, though it doesn't matter how long your contract is. It's a no, No, you just play. You play now. The front office. Khun say, we're going to sit these guys. And that could give you a for less chance of winning, and that's tanking. But yeah, players don't do it..

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