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Well my goodness Dave I had some spicy poking on the break and I like in a hail the spicy part the now it's stuck in my throat hi how many water I I am trying to have water but it's it's it's a very weird I see so much more in a line outside I have to shut the window I what your windows open it's air conditioning season Dave by the way I don't care if it gets down to like fifty degrees during the day I'm not turning my I I can't but these are killing me this year this is the worst year ever to have allergies because now if you're anywhere you sneeze everybody looks you like I know I have allergies the same allergies I have every year but thank you for noticing this year as I sneeze into my own math okay here's a question Dave I've been meaning to ask and I've forgotten to right now yes what is this sneezing etiquette when you're wearing a mask now in theory the mask is there to catch all the droplets right to keep it from spilling them into the air but then if it's an especially moist sneeze is full I don't give a crap what what do you do in that situation because let me I have a solution what what is it simple solution keep one in your pocket in one on your face now you're talking about being prepared boy scout not all of this is is good as David is you only have one NASCAR you get up to did you get a bunch of paper masks okay I was going to buy some paper masks off Amazon in the theory that maybe I'd be able to read write better than I can breathe in these cough mask because I'm not clock master not working for me and I'm now try like four five they're just not it's not it's not working for me so I'm about to go off what was that how the paperwork for you that paper probably would have worked better but the paper also does not stop the transfer viruses as I was about to hit the hit the buy button it's like yeah in tiny letters just not just not spread fire does not stop the spread of viruses it's the purpose now doesn't it special that they don't so I didn't buy am but I think I am because I I don't even care I just want to be able to breed still trying to adapt thank god we don't have a job were required to wear him every time I see like servers walking around and that you know people doing active jobs wearing masks I just want to go along sorry my story about very fortunate for that yeah many other reasons but yeah that definitely that's not what I wanted to talk about this hour I got a couple stories on the blog but I want to talk about starting with the identical twins these two guys super athletic guys one of them is a personal trainer did there they do all this stuff together as twins right they've climbed mountains and they do YouTube videos or whatever is there thing I don't even know why they're famous but here we are anyway they decided to experiment by going on to a completely different diets one of them became a vegan which means no animal products whatsoever no animal by products nothing that did not come from Mother Earth is a part of the indictment the other one did the carnivore diet which is neat meet and some veggies meat meat veggies very little veggies and they follow the exact same workout regimen because one of them is a personal trainer and that they ended up showing the results online now Angie I'm gonna ask you this one of the brothers went on a vegan diet one of the brothers went on a an omnivorous diet carnivore mostly carnivore meat and vegetable vegetables and they ended up having two different results one of them lost more fat and had a lot of energy and the other one gain more muscle I didn't really have a change of his energy but he also gain more fat he gained fat as part of this process but when you look at them side by side I gotta tell you I like the meat eaters physique a little bit better than the vegan to see because he has more muscle mass I'll take a little extra little extra layer of fat and I'm I'm not even looking at this in a in a sexual fashion I'm just saying which one I I find more visually appealing in that way your most important elements however and that is this is why every guy in the audience even though he okay it's very appealing to think I'm gonna have more energy and lose a lot more fat but the vegan guy also lost his libido completely yeah said it just fell off a cliff it's funny as he goes I don't know why could it be that we get things in the form of amino acids and hormones frankly by eating meat that you do not get from eating vegetables not to mention you got it you know do you feel like a wuss when you're when you're eating a vegan diet you know Ryan from my Broncos country tonight he's begin his knee injury yeah he is here for health reasons so asked about his libido tonight on the show edgy I think that'll go well he's going to get so embarrassed to be read a whole lot out back to life tell them that you have to ask on my behalf that you would never ask such an embarrassing question but maybe on the other hand hundred percent I would ask that question but I need you to do it because I'm busy I got stuff I got things you.

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