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Going to eventually have to get an upgrade from 19. See here and I thought brown's aficionado, Nick schuch was going to level an opinion on Austin hooper. After a big contract with the Cleveland Browns to now join the Tennessee Titans, but perhaps you're right, cam, and he can get back to that form. We saw his final year with the Atlanta Falcons. Okay, let's come back to you now, Nick with a look at the Houston Texans who sent deshaun Watson, somewhat finally on his way. Out of town and into Cleveland, they get three first round picks in return. In addition to a little sugar in that deal as well. And now have two first round picks at three and number 13 overall. So look, obviously that big subtraction is an addition and draft capital. How does that factor into your grade? Well, for a team that was struggling to have any draft capital on the heels of the Bill O'Brien era. This is huge. This is how you jump start a rebuild is by getting a ton of capital at the top of the draft. They have to hit on those picks, of course, and you have to hope that Nick cassaro does so. But otherwise, the biggest move they made this off season was convincing Brandon cooks to stick around because they are still when you look at them on paper, they're still lacking in talent. You know, I close this section of the roster reset with a list of positions I could still address. And dot, dot, dot, you get the drift. I mean, there's still a lot of holes to fill. But what it really does too is it takes away the constant questioning about deshaun Watson, which will be a load off of Nick caserio. It'll be a load off of Bobby Smith, something he won't have to deal with in his first season as the head coach there. And more importantly, it's got to help Davis mills a little bit because he finished drawing down the stretch. They tuned out the noise. He was basically given the keys knowing that the season was headed nowhere and that the best thing they could do was help him develop. But now that we're going into this season, it seems the Texans believe in him. And though they haven't surrounded him with a ton of talent, keeping cooks is a big part of it, and it allows him to kind of take that next step. We ought to talk about year two jumps and how guys make this huge jump in the game slows down and everything. Davis mills is in a pretty solid situation for that with all things considered. So I mean, grade wise, I don't know, you get maybe a C plus because you didn't do it, make a ton of splash moves. But that's not really all right now. The road is long. Yeah. I think that's a fair point too. And if an edge rusher is their choice at number three, perhaps they come back with a wide receiver at 13. We'll dig into that here a little bit. But let's finish this up here, cam with a look at the Jacksonville Jaguars who are drafting number one overall for the second straight year. Again, we'll get into those draft needs here in a moment, but in terms of other additions, they were out and spent with GM Trent bulky on the first couple of days of the free agency frenzy, kind of great as I get them. Yeah, money, money, money, man. I wish I wish I was someone that could interest the Jaguars and some services. They were handing out money. Knowing the tax. So initially when I first saw their free agency period, I was a little worried about the value they gave out. But the more sad on me, I realized just how far away this team is. And then you have to overpay some people. And so I like a lot of the moves they made, even if I didn't love the value. So I think overall, I give them a beat. Because I think that this team was in desperate need of players. And so when you look at the players they brought in, I really like a Darius Williams. They brought in, which was undercover signing for them to help that cornerback position. And really shine there. I like Evan Ingram assigning for them. We really looked at how Doug Peterson used tight ends in Philly with Zach Ertz with Dallas. I see no reason why if everything works out that every anger can't be the Duval version of Zach Ertz, you know, there if he comes a little bit more reliable as a pass catcher. So I like those moves. They made some really good splashes on defensive side of the ball. Obviously they have their first round pick. I think this team will be noticeably better. I don't think they're close to being a playoff team, but I think you get more talent. You get a grown-up in the building, running the program and Doug Peterson and things should start building the right way. And so I like that they focused on building around Trevor this off season and doing with their actions, but also building up the depth of their team. Because honestly, that team, even with urban Meyer's dysfunction, they were talent wise, the worst team in football last year too. So it's something to be said about just simply adding talent, coaching up the guys you have and seeing how it works. Yeah, look, and I think a lot of people want to talk about overspending, oh man, I can't believe you paid that much money for Christian Kirk. Well, look, everybody overpays them free agency. That's just the cost of doing business. And so when you need to plug holes like that in free agency, you're going to spend that kind of money. That's just the way it is. And so that's why teams would prefer to build through the draft. Cost effective and where players are under a bit more cost control. So that's just the way the NFL is here at this point. So let's get to the draft and Nick, let's come back, well, actually, you know what, cam, let's just continue right there with the Jags because they lead this thing off here at number one overall for a second straight year. We've kind of gone back and forth on tackle or edge rusher there, number one overall. I could make a case for both. How do you see it? So I am of the opinion they should still go offensive tackle. And so I know that the board is shifted more towards the aid and Hutchinson and more recently seen some Trayvon walker buzz, which I'm just not on board with, but that's just me personally. But I just feel this whole off season was about building for Trevor. And so if that's your most important piece, that's your franchise piece. I wouldn't let the bad decisions of franchise came Robinson changed the trajectory of my franchise decisions. So whether it's Evan Neal, whether it's icky from North Carolina state, I don't see you going wrong there with that number one pick. Slot him in at left tackle. If you need to put him at guard for one year while you have camera Robinson there, cool, but I don't think any team has ever been disappointed on building their offensive line around a quarterback and we've seen it year, again, particularly recently the value of having a competent offensive line. So I just, and ultimately, I obviously don't think the drop off. When you talk about drop off from the edge rusher class from the top of the first round, top of the second round, I think that's a lot smaller than a drop off of the offensive tackle class. So you go get one of the top offensive linemen at one and then you come back there at 33 and maybe a guy like a David a job who is still sitting there or a boy ain't mafia. Someone of that realm that can get you get you that edge rush ability that you need. So that would be the route I'd go. Yeah, that's interesting because people want to say, well, they just franchise tag Kim, Kim Robinson again. Well, yes, but that's good for one year unless they work out a long-term deal with, which it doesn't seem like that's something that's a huge priority here at this point. And so if he ends up leaving after this next season, well then you've got another potential replacement there at left tackle along with a guy like walker little who they drafted last year on day two. Okay, so yeah, that's the case for the Jags, but I also wouldn't be shocked if Aiden Hutchinson is the pick. I call this thing a 300 yard drive straight down the fairway at TPC sawgrass. It's just one that can't miss. He's the safest player in the draft. So I could definitely see it from that perspective as well. Nick, let's go to the Texans who are sitting right there at number three overall and also at 13. You know, if Davis mills is our guy, his lovey Smith has

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