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I ask you a question. Yeah I know I I know I know I wish I everytime a client says that's a good question I always say. Thanks my job I do. Yeah that's what you're you're paying me for. Yeah what about what about you know. Your kids are a little older. Are there things that kind of in in terms of how I was thinking about it before all right. Are there things that you have kind of accidentally turned into traditions. We say oh you know what we didn't mean to that that now we do that every year or are there things they fall more in the like. Yes we set out to make these traditions with our kids. Yeah Yeah we have a few and I really try to like not make it at a time because I know that I would be setting us up for failure if we try to like. Do a ton of different traditions and keep up with them every year but there are you so I know last year I talked about how like we baked cookies for our neighbors and then we like we walk around. Where like I? You know the kids sit in a little red wagon and with all the details and then we go and deliver them to our neighbors. So we're we'll do that adding and this year and then we do one of my favorite traditions that we do as a family is and you are welcome to borrow this one especially because gray is still so little But we we have done something each shareware on Christmas morning before we go run off to get the the gifts under the tree we piloted into our bed and we take a picture of A. Ah Love Me Cory and the kids in bed on Christmas morning like all excited and happy and I have pictures of us since Kelly's first Christmas. It's really sweet. Now we have. This will be our seventh or eighth year doing this and so just having this little progression progression of our family like on Christmas morning. And it's not you know they're not like pretty pictures or anything right and it's like right when we wakeup so anyway so we do that. And then there's yeah there's a few other things we try to do. Like their certain little events around Waco Baylor has a little Christmas this event that we go to each year. and Oh my gosh one thing I I mean I know I said we don't do a lot I really promise. It doesn't feel like a lot but one one thing that we have done. Each year was livestream. Kelly and Oliver Getting Ready for Santa and and we have those like little videos of them getting ready for Santa and putting out the reindeer food and the cookies as and telling everybody. What's going to happen and I don't know if we'll do that again this year? I think we yeah really well but you know anyways so but those wonderful things. Yeah Yeah Fun little things that we do but you know I was. I was thinking I love how unique Christmas traditions are or even just traditions officials and general right but to like our friend groups are contexts so you know what would be interesting so we have coming up. We have just like our kind of Christmas episode. Were you and I are GonNa are would love if listeners sent in like email us or tweet us whatever like send us some unique a unique Christmas traditions. That you think are really fun or things like that and we. Can you know share him. Oh my gosh because I think I think it'd be interesting to hear from people. Will you know what they do. Take a picture for staying in bed. Never heard that that's awesome so I think so so now I love that I I really I hope folks do send it in because I think it'd be fun to read those And I just think it's fun getting different ideas from folks about what they do. You know that's awesome while you WANNA shift into talking about this week's episode. Why don't you tell us about this episode? Sure so this week we have Joe Padilla on He is the CO founder of the Grace Alliance. It started in two thousand eleven Alongside with Doctor Matthew Stanford Sanford and now Joe really leads. The Mental Health Greece Alliance Here in Waco Texas we talk with him about Grace Alliance sent about the workbooks that they have available That are primarily focused on equipping Church leadership and nonprofit businesses or organizations to be able to talk about mental health particularly from faith based perspective. So they're I mean they're pretty well now and he's he he definitely talks in this episode about how they have grown over these last eight years or so and kind of. What started? Grace Alliance Ryan's and like you know a lot of his back story and and his family's back story about why this matters and how he came to it but but yeah. I think this is a really practical episode especially thinking for about folks to our in ministry settings and trying to think about okay. Well way recognize that. There are some mental health concerns and needs in my organization or in my congregation. And so like how do I. What are some practical ways for me to address those or to provide some resources? Curses are equipping or small groups And I really I really think Joe does a great job talking through that in this episode. What about you what? What were your thoughts? That's about this one. Yeah I mean I obviously loved kind of the story of his involvement and why he so passionate about this in his family and when I say loved I mean you know like a lot of the stories that we hear. That doesn't mean I love everything that happened but just hearing a heartbeat and the and all that and then so i. I definitely appreciated him sharing sharing that with us. But then the very practical you know. Okay what does it look like. What are the resources that y'all have and the mindset behind those right because that's the that we get asked both in regards to the show but also just in day to day life as I talked to people because helping faith leaders is Kinda my slant on it right so you know like okay? Do you know of any practical resources any workbooks. How how would I start a small group? How would I help You know start a ministry like things like that is exactly what they do and so getting to hear where they're coming from and why they do some things the way they do them and that type of stuff I think is really good for me to hear an Admin. I hope our listeners to hear who are tuning in saying hey I love the conversation the other having a is there like a a tangible cry order a packet of things to help me implement. This is my context. Yeah I'm really excited for our listeners. To get to hear from Joe Padilla Today With Mental Health Grace Alliance enjoyable. Hey welcome back to the show. This week. We have Joe Pedia on 'em he Baylor University graduate and a license in Ordain Minister with over twenty years of experience working in overseas missions stateside Church leadership and nonprofit and small business development. Joe's wife had long standing mental health challenges which led him to study and discover a unique scientific and faith approach which helped his wife have remarkable double mental health recovery to this day with this new insight and personal experience Joe and Dr Matthew Stanford Co founded the Grace Alliance Alliance in two thousand eleven to provide simple innovative and grace filled resources and tools to empower the body of Christ. And I I absolutely want to put it in a little note. That Joe's daughter was a student of mine a couple of years ago and so getting to know His family through through through sweet. Sarah has been such a delight so joe. I'm so excited to finally have you on the show. Welcome thank you. I'm sorry to be with with you. Guys have a great conversation. Yeah bar high right up Levitt. Why no this is been a long long time coming to bring you on the show? I Know Robert. His Email Ju- separately and then I reached out separately. And then you and I grabbed coffee and signed Good to finally be connected with you in this space yes no. It's really fun now. I enjoy talking about this and and really talking talking about it with A sense of joy not just always the hardship which we need to recognize our chip but really a see the joy of the process as well. And that's good. I love that. Well I I started well first of all. Is there anything else that you want to add to the fancy bio that I have are okay. Oh Yeah I think. That's I think that really clearly a shares. The is the history in where we started and so it was a journey week indicted more than that. Conversations will perfect well. That's actually where I think we're wanting to start is just to hear about the back story story about how mental health alliance came to be just expanding on. You know the brief little bit that I had shared a moment ago. Will you In our family you know are hard daughter Sara City. This is way back when she was very low but You know we were overseas emissions in during that time. That's when my wife had surrealist challenges with depression anxiety and things like that. In that. Just kind of protracted through the years just got worse worse which actually after about ten years on the field. That's what really run home. And then when we came home we were going to get into much more ministry care and as well as a health care as well that however as we you know we were home for two years at just got worse and worse Over two years despite the ministry care that we were getting and also the professional care to the next level that we had available and then after the two years that's when basically life just kind of fell apart for our marriage our family everything would really good actually ship and we had a step down and And basically that's believers were dislike. You can't be here anymore. He gotta focus on your wife and your family. You know when you go through that kind of have a situation you know. You're in despair. You're angry with God of here. We our lives are dream everything way we wanted we lost you know in all because of my wife's a mental health challenges different things however long story short during during that time when we when I had to step down is really when I started to dive deep into a lot of the research around mental health. What is this because I'm as administer leader and even you know You know all the people that we work within our our church ministry. We are all highly educated gated. We were like against science. We just were never trained very well and really understood these things. So that's when I really. I met Dr Bathroom Sanford at that time. Who at that time? He was a neuroscience professor there at Baylor University as well but there that time really it went because there were no evidence based science in Christian mental health resources that integrated very well. I couldn't find any of those things. So that's what I researched them figured out. Oh here's how the brain works. Oh here's how their punic approach works. Oh here's how. The medicine works so as figuring doing all these things out and then seeing beautiful connection with the Bible and faith in all of those those Those aspects so at from from there I basically just applied everything that I had learned to her journey. We actually kind of funny but may actually Fired all the professionals that were helping because were really helping in assess. They weren't paying attention to the medication they were paying attention to. What actually therapy therapeutic process was necessary? I'm in so basically. We just got other professionals that I felt like we're more in line into what she was eating at that time. And then we developed a whole way of living at home as a family in her to set a new stage for her to get better and remarkably after about a year and a half of that journey as she sort of feeling better and better to the point where she felt like herself again and then and even like Dr Stanford another another professional. Said you know. Her story is a clinical miracle because where she has been suffering for those goes eight to ten years to now where she is. You rarely hardly ever see that. In that from that point S. basically thanks just started started a building in my own heart and I knew all the research about the the statistics and things like that and just thought you know. This was rocket rocket science in his innocence. It was just learning how to strategize all these things together to improve and we can help other people do this especially in the church urge because it's extremely lacking from a language standpoint a training a true understanding in how really help people through that journey. So that's where agree slide started in super nice started the organization. So that's so neat. I love hearing that story Each time I always feel like I pick up new little pieces about the story and I love the you know..

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