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I said I said, in my opinion, it's kind of like a very bones and Pete Rose. We'll wages done it on the court. He should be SEC coach of the year. But he's not gonna be Izzy. No, he's not. That's another. He who he would definitely not be the SEC coach of the year. But evacuate making little baseball here for a second. And and sometimes the swarming needs in Lyon themselves, and that was a collegiate baseball player myself. And, but you know, you have Lebanon the fourteen teams and they're seeing a top twenty five but everybody in college follows basketball for about they don't I mean, just a few pockets, cover football and baseball, national pastime. I just wonder why that is as you could in Latin me the weather in Colorado. College baseball is a very big sport. But we're on the verge of the NCAA tournament. And what happens today is just not that important. I'm sorry. I thank my Cup. Three or four more months of it. Let's get the basketball season finished, Nick Nick is up next in Baton Rouge. Hey, nick. Hey, Paul big fan. I just I just want to say one thing. Thank you. Whatever happens. Whatever happened to loyalty. Whatever happened. You know, what it's easy to be friends. It's easy to be the supporter when you win. And you're on top here. We'll we'll get some some trouble. And look this does not look good. I agree. The optics are bad. And look anything that starts out bad. A lot of times that ended up good. But that government in our society nowadays, we just throw people to the Cy look, all my friends are my friends because they're loyal to me because they're going to stick with me when it's bad. And I just don't like when things go bad. We all start cutting and running I'm gonna stick with will. And look it may not end up. Well, but he's my coach. And I think we ought to be loyal to our friends. Even when things what's interesting is. I mean the school is is going to act like. They don't even know the guy anymore. I mean, and and I'm seeing the leaks today for versity because I've I've been a reporter. I know how I know how it works. He won't coach LSU again. There's too much. There's too much damage already. This was their look if we would be eighteen at twelve and going to the United this would've happened three weeks ago, you're probably right. The fact of the matter is this is this is a very tough situation. And I get that a lot of people are pinch. But when when you get in a pinch. I kinda like loyalty I kinda like hanging in there. Whatever we get at LSU from the NCAA, we were gonna get it. Whether he coached more than let me let me ask you a question, and this is not really a fair question. But it's but it's on this. If a story came out tonight, the Nick Sabin was on an F B I wiretaps saying the same thing, you think Alabama would suspend him. No, they wouldn't. And let me tell you this. I've been on FBI walk that I've I've been recorded. I've been in the paper, and let me tell you something. It's never what you make..

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