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And it's always either like super too big or too small they use like an industrial clip like clip it ceo and then you shuffle out into the room and he still none of pedestal and your friends look at you me and my friends when engage in a verbal tennis match that was like this him for every dress but towards the end of my like hourlong long appointment i do try on this one dress the feels a little different and it's her this like cool like art deco like column of addressing sparkley beads whatever and it's like a little rock and roll i could sort of looks like something kate moss with leg do you like a ton of cocaine and unlike pass out on like a bed at the risks and i'm looking in the mirror and i might have to really think like do i wanna look like a coat of came off my wedding and like a very large part of usli probably anna anyway i didn't buy that dress i did i did feel some things stirring for the first time which was for the first time i was like mimi there is value in like wearing a wedding dress the day i get married maybe there is some deeper meaning to just yielding to this hyper feminine version of myself for just like literally a day to so i can like check the box unlike move on with my life so anyway so i decided like okay i'm going to do that and the women at lovely bridal remind me that i have to you by the dress or whatever just i get i have to get six months in advance of my wedding day because it has to be made it has to be altered bolivar a my i got this it's no big deal it's march my winnings the november like i got a note i plenty of time i'm fine and i also decided i'm not going to bring my girlfriend's to go shopping with me anymore because i am not a bb um i am a feminist it up and so a few weeks later um i go to other bridal boutique i tournament just stop centigrade and then towards the end i see address in.

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