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Media you recognize the town is just off the charts rare rare physical specimen to throw at plenty of time. Sometimes you think supernatural with the eleventh pick in the two thousand hundred twenty one. Nfl draft the mice. Icago bear select justin field quarterback ohio state. Everyone it's daniel jeremiah from move the sticks and i'm bucky brooks and this is just feels three sixty buck. I know bears fans are fired up. I don't know that seen this fan base this excited in quite some time. They've got themselves new quarterback. And i think we can say he's got the superstar potential here in justin feels. He absolutely has superstar potential. But we're gonna talk. Some guys who have spotted at potential very early in justin feels lifetime where they've seen really developed from a guy who was kind of under underrated prospect of becoming one of the top prospects as a high school quarterback to have success. Not only a joy to begin at ohio state to being a guy that was taken at the top of the board. Ron veal mad dickman. Justin feels high school football coach at harrison high ron day trend deal for coach. Justin feels that elite eleven. John beck who coached him doing their pre-draft process Jk dobbins a couple of his teammates all provide perspective on justin feels. Who was who could be the next level. No doubt and when we talk about him as a player before we get into these conversations With these great folks that know him at his has as anybody buck. I think the sky's the limit. We talk about everything you can do. You talk about the ability to create plays talking about his ability on design quarterback runs. You talk about him in the pocket to deliver the ball accurately at all three levels. Big time arm strength My only knock on him For for really. It's kind of nitpicking. Right is just playing with a little more urgency right. Let's just speed up. Let's crank it up a little bit and get going can be a little bit delivered at times but mom excited for him. I think that's that's fixable. And if he does get that going and picks up the place beat a little bit watch out watch out here a tremendous amount of potentially we've seen that potential play out at times those who have studied him..

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