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To go. We have Larry Martin on our birthday list. Frank Allison, Taylor Carter, Gayle Bishop, Rachel King and Bruce Garrett. Also celebrating birthdays for today, So who's going to check out the great food in El Potro? The answer to that question is Larry Martin. Congratulations, Larry. And thanks for celebrating with North Georgia's new song, Wdun. Other folks we're celebrating today include Jerry Seinfeld. Very 67. Really. I thought I was young in that line. Jerry 67 years old today and was 17 years ago on this date at the National World War two Memorial Open in Washington D. C. If you have not seen that you need to It is absolutely fabulous. Wdun Times 7 29 2020. You'll be remembered for a lot of things. But a tower Brothers will long be remembered As the year More homeowners took control of their yards. Many Atlanta and North Georgia. Homeowners turned a cub Cadet Walk behind Mowers, XT Enduro series long tractors and Ultima Siri zero turn mowers, and they turn to Howard Brothers for the local cub cadet dealer Support with Cub Cadet and Howard Brothers. Your yard could be the envy of the neighborhood Cub Cadet is sold it all how our brothers locations now Perretta, Athens, Dorval, Duluth and Oakwood. The grass is always greener when you take care of it with Howard Brothers and Cub Cadet Wdun, Gainesville, W Do you in FM Parksville Gainesville It's 7 30. Shoes a million move. President Biden makes it push for a sweeping economic planning his first joint address telling Congress come to talk about crisis. An opportunity, making the case that investments are needed to move ahead. He's urging.

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