Wilbur Ross, Secretary, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Today. Good evening tomorrow is once again, a payday in name only for eight hundred thousand Americans who work for the federal government tonight. President Trump was asked about it. Federal workers for missing another paycheck. I loved them. I respect them. I really appreciate the great job. They're doing they many of those people that are not getting paid are totally in favor of what we're doing totally in favor of what we're doing. So say if the president he spoke to reporters after a pair bills to reopen the government failed in the Senate and other Republican measure got fewer votes than the democratic one. He talked about that. And also about his decision to do what house speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted him to do which is postponed. The state of the union message. We begin though as we did last night and has will keep on doing by bringing you the state of the union as seen by our fellow Americans will bring you that. And the let them eat wall message. They're getting from the president and members of his administration message one from the commerce secretary. You're nobody. Put it in for spectacle. You're talking about eight hundred thousand workers in well, I feel sorry for the individuals that have hardship cases eight hundred thousand workers if they never got their pay which is not the case, they will eventually get it. But if they never got it if talking about a third of a percent on her GDP, so it's not like it's a gigantic number overall. Not like, it's a gigantic number overall. This message came to you from commerce secretary Wilbur Ross who'd made a custom pair of velvet slippers with the seal of the Commerce Department on them. I'm not kidding. It actually happened. I don't even think Mr. burns on the Simpsons wear slippers like that. So that's the message from Wilbur Ross who's worth an estimated seven hundred million dollars to him eight hundred thousand unpaid public servants are essentially a rounding error keeping him on his perhaps the secretaries to tell that to Atlanta TSA officer Ali Morgan field. Reporter Chris James got to know him recently and spoke within the day. He went to apply for food stamps. Work at hartsfield-jackson airport been there for sixteen years with TSA. I liked the job. And I like what I'm doing? But. I'm worried about being paid and word about if I can get through this feeling bad. Visit the first time you're going to get food stamps yet. You technically still have a job. Yes. That is. The funny part. Oh, I'm just hopefully, I can get. You know, you gotta laugh about it. Because it's funny. You never see yourself doing this. What's your biggest fear right now part? Would I be here? What being Paris Mugniyah bit me? This ain't goes longer. Seventeen to three weeks. We've goes into the fourth. Will he be embarrassed? He wonders when they evict me, this is a man who still going to work every day. Would you could you with the bills coming in? I mean, it's all the bit. Puzzling to secretary Ross who wonders why people earning zero dollars or having such a tough time of it. Mister secretary of their reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters to get food. Well, a no they are an I don't really quite understand why. Because as I mentioned before the the obligations that they would undertake say of borrowing from the Bank or credit union are in effect. Federally guaranteed. So the thirty days of pay that some people will be out. There's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. That's the commerce secretary just to make it clear, you're working, I'm not paying you. And there's no telling when I will. So you should go to a Bank or credit union and persuade them to lend you money, and then you should pay interest on that money. Unless of course, you're a contractor, and you're not going to get paid back for lost time owned, by the way secretary Ross's department. They have a credit union, which is offering emergency loans up to.

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