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Pointing to the gate we had just passed through he told us about another most celebrated visit lord belfour's in nineteen 25 loyd one for came over to visit the new visited jerusalem of course she came to the place called after him a much is nearly eighty a proud representative of a dwindling generation vividly remember the british mandate the birth of the state and the war of independence i was born in before real in 1979 firing swear children over the settlers seem before soya says generation here among us much has calloused hands unruly chest hair and a forehead free of wrinkles she wore aviators sunglasses and a broad smile as he described belfour's visit people all over the volley came over here jewish and arab bicommunal wins they all lined the road mounted on their horses in the lord came over with his car fessing beautiful gagen made my mother was a child at the time seven eight years she ended as a girl rosa flowers the lord and they're very excited to be the ones who receive the voting for ya south korea is quiet unpolished with only a handful of streets each the width of a single car all lined with plots of land that a deeper than they are wide interspersed with open fields each property looks like a selfcontained garden of eden we visited a his neighbor these harbor air each season its own fruit and vegetable watermelon a c light chicken air is higher is a short wellbuilt man with cropped white hair he greeted us in an unbuttoned shirt with sleeves rolled up his forums these to be a journalist but a few years ago he transition into a full time pharma.

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