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And then I was like, oh my God like eighty percent and like today's going to be heavy and I have no idea if my PECS sealed or not, but here we go, and it was totally fine. That's amazing to hear because I mean, we like the powerlifting the or the weightlifting strongman like these guys have already had shit figured out for very long time. And the problem is like doing wrong research is important. But if we wait on research is going to be twenty years before we're like, oh, man, maybe you should do some act of pushing, as soon as you get hurt, right? For instance, you just put the bar in your hand started moving it. That's not a meathead thing. Now, there's that makes all the sense in the world because you want to remodel that tissue as soon as possible, if you let that sit, you can think about the scar tissue, you can think about how this muscle is not going to do what is supposed to do from a neural aspect because you destroyed it to that point. And now you're just going to sit on it night. Just gonna let it heal. And that fucked up state, and if they only sell you right always tell you not the move. Dumbest thing literally the dumbest thing like I mean, help like before I or we're not tore my Killys. I literally just threw a boot on and started moving because I know I needed to keep locomotion a lot of lifters don't understand that. A lot of movement is, is a restaurant of, you know, it's, it's for restoration, it's to recover at it's almost to, like prep you for the next workout. So sometimes you might go in and I, I like your concept of kind of the one exercise day type of deal. I know there's other exercise in there. But one main focus of the day, I've been doing something similar for years. Now, sometimes I go overboard with the assistance stuff, too. But typically, the way that the Westside barbell method is set up in the conjugate system. Yeah. You go bonkers on one thing kind of go for it on one thing. And then when you're done with that you finish up with three or four their movements, and those three or four their movements, they're meant to be done, kind of passively. You're not trying to. Take a world record on dumbbell. Tricep extensive was trying to get a lot of and somebody who's I can't do Tra dumbbell tricep extensions. They said, yeah, of course, he can he retry it with five pound dumbbells, and, like, no right trying with the thirties. We'll try away that doesn't hurt. Right. Right. You know, like let's try to. But when you go through exercises that don't hurt and you kind of have a good pace. I mean now you're building up some conditioning, you're building up some connective tissue. You feel good. You feel like you're worked hard and you're in and out of the gym faster even absolutely. Even on that topic alone is, you know, especially when basketball players I deal with really, really messed up bodies as far as like a quote, for my good friend at Texas, Daniel Reuss. He's a they are drafts with clown shoes. Essentially, what we train, and I was like to hand, that's so accurate that has like the most beautiful example. So if you want to train with that type of volume guys Guys like. like. It's starting to settle in now. But you gotta have these regression models, set in place..

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