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Hundred thrown fantastic page. I just don't see enough from that fastball to really make me believe in them. It's it's pretty weak offering. I actually even sell fifty percent zone in not enough chases the play to justify it. So it makes me bit hesitant. I don't think those two second pitches are enough. But yes, completely right? He is intriguing. I think given credit there. We did talk about remember the remember that so keep keep an eye on him point two years old Hymie Berea out in LA moving on here to one sixteen through one twenty CC Sobat. The Joe Ross Tyler Anderson Brad, Kellyanne, we talked about Derek, Colin. So anybody in that one sixteen to one nineteen quartet that you like, oh, man. Joe Ross's hilarious. I I remember being so enamored with him like two thousand fifteen he was singer guy with a slight or those so filthy. And then Tommy John and everything just went south, and I do not trust us command whatsoever. This point ceases about the Mike at some quality innings if you were trying to e some innings in a league in also maybe some get some cheap wins. I'm cool that I don't think he's. Is gonna be as effective as he hasn't been the past Bush should be four era of one hundred fifty innings that can be pretty useful Tyler Anderson. That's the intriguing one to me because he has a really a twelve plus percents wings strike rate. I know spor that's good at this point. It is really good. I mean, you know, he's obviously got cooler saying overhead, but as we've talked about throughout with these guys that are going so deep that stuff built into the price. So it's like, yeah. You point that out? He's actually shown some success there at times now not last year, but in in previous seasons, he's kind of intriguing and if you could spot start him, I think that there's there's some definite interest to be had with Taiwan into some surprise. He's so low as the market shifts to being open to Colorado guys. I'm surprised that. He Tyler Anderson was pushed all the way down to pick four twenty one. So there's gonna be said about that. Well, be going after. No. But I would say he should be going over Joe Ross at the very least. Yeah. Joe Ross is like one. Those that almost in the Carl's for non category where I I like him from a far I could see him being successful. But it's not gonna be on any teams. Just not gonna take them at this point until I see something. All right, finishing one twenty one to twenty five Danny cells are Danny Duffy, Lance Lynn, Seth Lugo. Wade leblanc. I'll just put in my two cents for south Lugo he has to get an opportunity in the rotation. And that's why definite should have included McCue because he's actually got a real line toward a starting job and Lugo doesn't and I included him. So that was my mistake on McHugh. But Lugo if he gets a look, I think even as a swingman where he's going to get pile up innings because he'll pitch multi relief outings and get a few starts. But I think he should be starting over Jason Vargas in that rotation. I really like south Lugo, what about you any of these five here that you like, yeah, I'm not a big fan of any of them. Danny Duffy surprisingly had a good run last year. And there's a chance that does work. Lance Lynn, no way, Seth Lugo, you definitely right? That he is intriguing. If he does get the rotation spot..

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