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Happy First Day winter by the way. I know the solstice solstice, the shortest day of the year. Mm hmm. I know enough to stay inside, even though I think it's gonna be really, really warm today. It's actually gorgeous here, Madeline, obviously in Southern California, and so it doesn't really feel like the solstice outlets. But the days are gonna get longer. So this is a good thing? Yes, exactly the day the tide is turning, but not not for a while. So we're gonna check in with the hospital in San Bernadino and Apple Valley And really, they have just been slammed with coronavirus cases. They're treating patients in the hallways. There's been this video, The Washington Post reporters took of what it looks like inside, so we'll talk to the reporter there about what he saw. And really, it's just, um you know more of what we've been hearing, and it's kind of like, how do we get this message through may be the only way is is to actually see the images see, the people on the gurney is struggling for their breath. See the overworked nurses suiting up Maybe That's the only way to get this message through that people really need to be wearing their masks and not socializing with other people, and you can be so careful and at the risk of over sharing I had my first close family member. Agnes with Cove it and is in the hospital now and not my immediate family. But my family back on the East Coast and it's just, you know, it's coming closer and closer, and these air people who have the The best practices right on day. It's just something we need to take seriously. I canceled my travel plans for the holidays, so I'm glad you're covering this right? Right. We should be counseling everything That's not essential, all non essential medical appointments. All that stuff I need to get by the way side for now and just pick it up in a couple months from now it's okay. Um US also will be talking about the are in a messenger RNA vaccine. How It differs from a regular vaccine really interesting description Exactly how it works, and whether it will work on this mutated version of current virus that we just heard about in the news, CASS. It's cropped up in the UK and in South Africa. So we'll talk with a virologist who can tell us all about that. And we will check in with the legal eagle Jessica Levinson, of course, because it is Monday. So it's her time to be on the show. Excellent and she will talk about whether or not the president can't indeed use martial law to overturn the election results. Short answer. No, no, there's a spoiler was okay with that. And then we'll check in with some of your colleagues, three DJs at KCRW and their pics of favorite holiday songs, so I'll give you a really, really good curated holiday playlist. I know I love this. I was checking out some of their picks earlier, so definitely check out press play today with Madeleine. Brand. Madeline. Thank you so much. And stay safe, My friend. Yeah, it'll be good to see you in person someday again. Soon it's morning becomes eclectic on KCRW. I'm and lit and l A flower child wants to hear Nick Hogan and.

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