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This is Sean Casey join me each and every Sunday morning at eight AM for the all new rescue health line show where we'll talk about natural solutions to a wide range of health related issue. Dr Jeffrey Shapiro will answer your questions about how the all natural supplements could benefit you listen every Sunday morning at eight and begin your journey to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Brought to you by rescue supplements for your heart and help the all new rescue health line show on talk radio. Six eighty WCBS. This is a public service announcement test from take me fishing dot org to determine if you need a fishing license and registration before heading out on the water. Let's begin. Are you a bear? Do you have a beak? Does your name rhyme with old Spiegel? Do you dart in front of? Here's a tough one. Do you have plumage? Do you? Rub. Your body against things to Mark. Do you have webbed feet? No. I mean like. Hatched? Do you have for? I'm not talking back here. Does your boat? Fly south for the winter with the other. Regardless of how you answered you need to be licensed and registered because it helps local conservation efforts protected the very natural resources you enjoy boating and fishing in for generations to come do your part, the take me fishing dot org. At Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, we're fighting against childhood cancer every day at the heart of this battle. Our donors. Most of us want to make some type of difference in the lives of others. Saint Jude does miraculously. The fact that no one has to pay. It's a place where everyone is treated as an equal. Everybody is welcome here. And it doesn't matter religion. Or what part of the world you're from all that is taken away. It just gives you some hope..

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