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All of the highprofile arrests in the incidents that had happened while the women were incarcerated really started to make suffrage a moral issue for president woodrow wilson and running in tandem with the women from the nwpp being arrested and incarcerated and having a whole high profile horror behind bars the national american women woman suffrage association had also framed itself as a patriotic organisation supporting the war effort while also diplomatically making a case that the united states making the world safer democracy included in franchising all of its own citizens at home not just the male ones so with pressure coming from multiple directions in january of 1918 after years of being coy and evasive at best woodrow wilson publicly announced his support for the constitutional amendment for women's suffrage that had been introduced all the way back in eighteen seventy eight and failed every time it had come up for vote even with the president support though it still didn't have enough congressional support to pass in both houses of congress in 1918 so the nwpp kept on with its protests still getting arrested in cycles throughout all of this they started lighting what they called watch fires of freedom outside of public buildings these were earns in which they set fire to the texts of wilson's speeches that related to freedom and democracy they also embarked on a crosscountry speaking tour in prison garb called the prison special as i mentioned earlier they kept being arrested and i kept being incarcerated but there wasn't another incident as dramatic as the night of terror finally after a nineteen eighteen election cycle in which the any w s a the nwpp and other organisations head aggressively campaigned for candidates who would support the amendment the house of representatives passed it in may of 1919 in the senate followed in june.

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