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Uh intercom yet hello entercom get our events biak and we do some low funding season sharon meadow has been renamed it is now robin williams metal um so i hope to make an announcement sometime in the new year that says please join us at robin williams medals weeds for a wonderful concert oh oh search of fright uganda's look like i yet to you in this this is mind dying caught my beauty regimen what did use is basically egg whites claim fresh powder sugar vanilla and a little touch of adam robin williams harm that sounds like mrs doubtfire yeah that's correct yes uh you know i wanna do this really quickly i had heard that eric schmitt had stepped down as a the ceo of google cofounder um but this headline says eric schmitt surprise alphabet announcement rekindles womanizing rumors uh so i was like arao read by shrubs stuff that's happening here at the end of the year has made people wonder if they're poppa john's guy is demnding down from that pizza giant and while they're saying it might be something to do with the nfl others are saying maybe it's got to do well anyone who steps down anymore is immediately everyone goes i got where they harassing people right what molestation did they do uh so they're saying silicon valley was shocked by schmitz surprise announcement yesterday stepping down as executive chairman of google's parent company alphabet iit's a sixty two year old tycoon uh he says in recent years i've been spending a lot of my time on science and technology issues implant they're be and i plan to expand that work a court a source close to him said this would allow him to have a more handson role in developing a ai for defence that they that's what they're saying however uh there are people who are saying and i don't know any of this i'm reading you from from the story which i don't even see the source on this use you by his sick um new york post the timing of schmitz sudden move along with the fact that that we did three days to disclose that he told the company he was stepping down has raised some questions they say they are calling him a known womanizer he's been married for thirty seven years to wendy schmidt who said and 2012 that they.

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