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Like definitely not a jew. I've made me laugh. It's funny steph dawson. We must have two hundred and fifty nine now. Oh more more way more killers vault is the name of the podcast. Eric does some via work on this thing. And it's available on apple podcasts and spotify as well tell us about it eric To tell you about it is to is to kill it. You just can't say it's it's a study because this couple wrote these hero killers and they wrote back and back lots and they talked about what they didn't why they did it and how they didn't win they they did it with and how it felt like and all the stuff it's like it's like they couldn't wait to be asked you know it's weird but i used to several years ago and hear about pick pockets in england and i thought. Oh that's quaint. You know and now i look at serial killers. This quaint like we got afghanistan. We got the border. We got coverted. We got race. Riots shooter active shooters schools as well. Yes serial killers the couples. Yeah it's a bygone era. Yeah miss those couple serial killers and you know now that you say that. Because i i was so freaked out by by the killers vaulted Especially by two of the stories to to the guys three of the guys actually ended up because two of them or one item and But you know the the mass shootings freaked me out. Where i feel old and frail and scared and uninformed all at once and it's a horrible feeling and i've never felt that way i've always felt very very in charge of my life you know and yeah the mass shootings mutt rank much higher up on the average americans fear pyramid then serial killing does anymore. I didn't even know. Are there serial killers out there like right now like i haven't heard of a good decade like since tied murders together career. And maybe it's ring doorbell. You had to be careful with those guys because they like being famous so if you start talking about we have a serial killer on the loose. They loved that. Talk about the special favor. Mervyn eric roberts. I loved rod. Steiger's my dad. Oh man six hundred thirty acting credits. On i'm debate. Yes rod steiger One of that one of the legends of acting one of his last roles. I'm guessing and much like the Scarface with al pacino. Rod was doing a serious like cuban accent in that movie as well right it was hardcore. Cute it was hard core killing you. Can you can find it. Max pat at some point rod steiger. He's he's always sitting by the pool. Power move which. I have not done what became very very good friends in during the shoot and we ate together. We socialize hung out. He was a fantastic intelligent interesting hostile. Wonderful funny human beings seem the move. I want to do as a rich guys. I wanna sit by the pool and have breakfast on a week day. All the rich guys and all those movies sat by the pool and people. And then i would someone someone to come. Watch me eat. And they'd sit there. And you're meeting and i would dismiss the person that dropped the food them away as i eight and talk talk about you know and i would speak in code that this person has become an annoyance. Take care that the something should be done right. And then you'd like godfather. I appreciate your thoughts. Yeah but the move is eating breakfast by the pool on a week day. An hatching plans. Yeah so you're rod son in that right. I was rods. So excellent and james woods in that thing and sharon stone was such a cool grew filmed in like miami shot in miami which which which renew worked there was like a paid vacation man And also like. I said six hundred thirty. I am deep in fed. Do you do you remember that that scene. Where sly i meet on the street and i pull a knife and put it inside and how all this talk with him remember. That scene was not in the script. When i said yes to the movie it was not there and then one night i wasn't working. I said my wife there. They're shooting on the street tonight. Let's go watch them. Okay so we out there. And we're behind the crowd written in the crowd and here a couple of whispered there's crops but it's all low key. It's all cool and certainly nowhere slides working and the militia. It's eric and i'd say yeah. He knows he goes together. I said so right one. All right one tonight would shoot it tomorrow. I promise and he did right that night. And we did shoot it the next day and that set seen on the street when i put a knife in his eye well much like maybe the aforementioned scarface. I don't know if it reaches the level of a great film but an incredibly watchable movie for those who have not seen the specialist way. Great films are hard to come by but it is entertainment glued to it. I watch James woods in the police precinct making the bomb seen yet for those you who liked the human form their stallone and sharon stone and the in the shower scenes very very erotic their peak. I told i told max. Padded pull the scene. Where eric who plays a creepy sky and the planet. Thank you tries to pick up on sharon stone. Sharon stone's parents were killed by eric and his band of narrative wells. So she probably would want to date him at that point. But but but i have some some heinsohn's info on that sharon stone. We have loved seeing chad seemlessly. And let's see when somebody else and they saw the rough cut they went. She sleeps everybody. We can do this. Oh real rid of somebody said they got rid of mine. And it's unfortunate. Because i was so proud of my body in that movie because they worked so hard on it. So that's the only thing i miss. They She would eric strength seducer. But here's where they meet on the yod.

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