Chernobyl, Donald Trump, Thyroid Cancer discussed on The Michael Brown Show


Maybe they got in the backseat chili dogs if you wanna call it arabi chili cheese dog about shellenberger chilies he's describing hell this outrage everything's outrage outrage about chernobyl is totally misplaced when you step back and actually look at the facts and remember it's sad to have to point this out but this this is a lefty talking this is a guy that if if if we were having conversations i'm sure he despises donald trump with everything he stands for he probably doesn't like conservatism i mean just blah blah blah everything there's no scientific evidence of thyroid cancer outside of those three main countries belarus ukraine and russia no effect on fertility malformations in for mortality no conclusion no data for adverse pregnancy outcomes no evidence for any genetic effects and i think this last one is the most striking thing there's no evidence of any increase in cancer including in the cohort of people who put the fire out and cleaned up afterwards remember tra noble was the meltdown of reactor with no containment building that's just the way they do things in eastern europe and russia yeah let's build a nuke and let's don't put a containment building around it so it was just this gigantic explosion and fire and emmer calm the equivalent of the russia fema just sent first responders in spent i mean hundreds of billions of dollars no increased cancer rate among those at all and i i saw i saw him surprised by this finding and so i put the link to the website on there i don't think you should take my word for it i think you should go read it because just reading about chernobyl for me was a big part of changing my mind about nuclear power.

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