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And it doesn't really have it has my okay i should confess one thing this my least favorite movies on people always ask who deserves our move your leg and i'm like no i like them all unprofessionally obligated to like all generous death no bias against any genre however it however i don't like movie biographies why because their cheap it's so cheap there your teeth to make your license all the song okay i of dating give benny new counterbudget the only reason this will be exists is because the strata compton because what that with the mood at so because the movie did so well as i mean it was a it was a it's a form of movie that now the the studios flick they can they can start trying to bankthai we've already done johnny cash we've done all the baby boomer okay so now the people who are around in the early nineties our ally liable prime market got it got a whole generation of kids for whom to pa can nwa mean something and their stories haven't been told with any kind of serious moviemaking i loved this movie but i laughed a lot more than i should have to be honest with you but i loved this movie i like sat epoch yelled i thought i was alone in the theater 'cause i went very early one morning this week and i was not alone with theater and i was it was a very lau them from the other woman and in time because i had been like talking to myself alltime and screaming and texting you insteading voice knows clay really thought no one else was in the theater the whole time and was her name c delores tucker we didn't talk after to park in the media are what the one biggest agree just like mistaken the movie sure before minghella mary a song that came up after it and everyone's like singing the words.

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