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I've been thinking a lot about this myself. I look at my three children and I think a lot about the world that they're growing up in so I decided I would share some of my own thoughts and maybe even a little advice about going into the world in these troubled times. Truth is most people will never remember. Their graduations let alone their commencement speakers. It is yet another formality in a day. And a time of life when such formalities are certainly important but mostly symbolic. I don't remember much about my own graduation except that I was wearing a robe and it was lunchtime. I remember that moment when I realized that a page had been turned in my life that over the last several years my head learn something. I was more informed. I was better at solving problems and could more easily navigate my way through life. I hoped I had better judgment and could add some real value to the world. Truth is I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't know where life would lead me. I just followed a few basic rules. Listen more than talk after all. I already knew whatever it was I was going to say so better to hear the other guy out. It was a valuable skill because it allowed me to be a true lifelong learner. Another rule never hold a grudge there just toxic and serve no real purpose in our short time here on earth and for that matter regrets jealousy revenge would all be put in the same category so many times. I have been thank for my advice when all I basically did was listen and then tell the person just let it go. Finally be kind. I learned early on when you practice kindness. It feels good somehow internally like something clicks into place that I am fulfilling prophecy. It is a sort of reciprocal altruism. Doing good feels good. I don't think that's an accident. My guess is that reciprocal altruism was a trait preserved in selected for in the Human Race. It allowed our species of human beings to survive and thrive much more than rugged individualism or. Survival of the fittest. I think the point is this. We human beings are somehow programmed at a deep molecular level to take care of each other and it is more important now than ever this is a consequential time and yours is a consequential commencement you are being unleashed and unbridled into the world. At a time when it matters more than I can remember in my fifty years of life. My childhood was fairly serene compared to yours it was post Vietnam. The economy was relatively stable and terrorism was mostly depicted in the movies. If you were born at the beginning of this century at the beginning of this millennium however you were just a year old when the United States suffered the worst terrorist attack on its home soil by your third birthday. The country would become immersed in two of the longest wars in. Its history. By eighth birthday you would have watched your parents struggle through the great recession in middle school and High School. The existential threat of climate change made it feel to you like the trees would no longer be so green that the birds would no longer sing so sweetly and that the world is. We knew it might come to an end far sooner than our imagination had previously allowed. And now you are dealing with the biggest health threat of the last hundred years. We could not have imagined when we rang in the New Year. Two Thousand Twenty sitting closely arm-in-arm even sharing a kiss as the clock struck midnight that within a few weeks our lives would completely change. And yet that is what happened at once the tragedy the irony and the beauty of life and we miss the ebbs and flows of life the mountains and valleys the rise in the fall of our years on the planet toll to primarily stay at home life somehow feels a little flatter a little grayer a little less technicolor. Yes an infection has taken hold of our planet and life will have to change for a while we will have to stay home. Reflect more and go deeper within ourselves. There is no vaccine yet. There is no magic therapeutic. There is just each other and never before. Have we been so dependent on one another? And we must rise to that challenge. You newly minted graduates must set the example lead the way and show us a better tomorrow. Class Two thousand twenty. This time is your time. I know that Masan crazy but we will get through this. I know that and we may likely be better and stronger and more capable of dealing with this in the future and we'll probably learn a lot about ourselves along the way never. Does the human race achieved so much as when our backs are up against. The Wall finally graduates as a father. Myself I WANNA remind you to start that practice of kindness that practice of gratitude today while it is your commencement it may also represent the ending of another era of the dependence on your family. Your parents the people who supported you along the way. Remember to say thank you today. Look the person in the eye when you do and feel it deeply in your heart. Congratulations class of two thousand. Twenty and thank you for listening. We'll be back on Tuesday. Virus fact versus fiction is a production of CNN audio. Meghan Marcus is the executive producer. Felicia Patinkin is the senior producer along with Amanda Sealy and Nadia Kooning from CNN. Health Raj Caja is the senior manager of production operations. This week's episodes were produced by an Lega. Maiyo Evan Chung Zach Saint Louis and Zoe Saunders with additional help from Michael Middlemen are associate producers. Are Emily Lou. Aaron Matthew Send Madeleine Thompson and Rachel Cohn Nathan. Miller is our engineer and David Toledo is the teams production assistant special. Thanks to the executive producer of CNN. Health Ben Tanker as well as Ashley Loss Courtney Coupe and Daniel Cantor from CNN audio. Okay so we all know how express VPN protects your privacy and security online right. 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