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We didn't have a grind people for that guarantee you. There's some form of grant is passed through the doors of mobile acres farm moment of farms. Llc at some point there's been some form of grindstone on that property. I don't understand how you grew up with a father. Who's a rancher who has a work like seen i've been to the there's farm equipment. There's tolls everywhere confidence you never put on a pair of work gloves. You've never worn a pair of work boots i have. I'm not saying he didn't have a little pair of lose rubber boots when you were at that. You don't drowned in on the floor. i Yeah you know. Had the big ones to listen to my brother. One year for christmas. He got these work boots. That had a some kind of packet like a electric thing. You put in that warmed boots. Oh warmed them and dry them nice. That's real nice. If you've ever worn boots. I know that you haven't i do It's a it's nice when you can do. Anything became a soup up the work. boot miners. Steel toes oh so. I gotta get new pair here. For matter of fact. I'm going to go to get those boots because you wear. You ain't get yours at iraq rain i. We're minor about two hundred dollars pair right. Which is why we need you to go to. Patriot ducked my company. Pays pay for my booze and you pay them in other way back another way my company pays for my clothes and everything i worked for the greatest company in the world before we go any further. If we're gonna talk about jim crockett here in a minute. Jim crockett junior passed away earlier this week. There's never been a better time to join patriot. Mark has started a new show and stuff. That's video show unboxing but we honestly. I like if i could pitch it for ya if you like me Listens man. i'm not a very good looking at. But i do a lot of cools right and basically. I'm learning to edit videos so be patient with me. I'm trying to make them a little bit better. Not quite like my wife told me the day. When we shot the video we went To archea and i kinda documented our trip to aki throughout the day and when we went back watched it she said you gotta start holding the camera up a little higher You're holding it way too low and it doesn't it's not very flat need less space above your head. That's what that's what she keeps telling me she's like you got to get the camera up a little bit so i gotta tripod now that i can raise up and do do that. I'm trying to learn how to edit video. But it's not easy because i knew my phone. Yeah and i'm trying to drag. You know yeah so what i really hope it expands to is it will be always mish. You know showing the hall or show in the boxing's but it will also be decided on a glimpse into my life when things i'm remodeling a room in my house. Right now Drastically remodeling what was a red and black walls painted. The walls read for some reason..

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