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Of thousands of more new Yorkers to easily access city bike it'll be in their neighborhoods it'll be near where they work it's a very affordable mode of transportation anyone docks we can roll out in Ridgewood followed by expansion into one serve sections of Manhattan parts of the south Bronx immensely new neighborhoods in queens and Brooklyn will be served tripling the number of city bikes to forty thousand by twenty twenty three winds news time three thirty five are we creating a race of hyper aggressive drugged up wildlife cars one of he combs reports one police department in Tennessee he is worried about well on what happens when the flash the wrong thing down the toilet the low rental Tennessee police department worries the flushing illicit drugs like say methamphetamine some of toilet may have unintended consequences winds up in the water treatment system where it's accessible they think two geese and ducks and if it gets far enough downstream even alligators can you imagine a Gator on mass can we say if you really want to get rid of drugs they have a safe Gator free container in the department's lobby by the way that run away Gator in Chicago they've been calling chance the snapper he's been cost thanks to a Florida man of course he was brought in by windy city officials to cast the.

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