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And he got their own way. It's like, you know. Yeah. But boy to smart on the road. Well, so what was the actual fallout that anyone at paramount permanent ago? But nobody said like you're never gonna work that conversation. Yeah. Charlie blue during was running gopher western at that time. And you know, they're bunch of kind of a boys club there that was as the rabbit Evanston, right? Evans was I'm not sure Evans was even metal. I don't think quite. Yeah. So that having happened. Do you just sort of stop getting opportunities to Italy's fluid in do fill quite well, it's when you do refer television and worked at a I've had a bit apartment over there. Six little units. Overlooking the San Diego Freeland church LAN right behind the VA. And I was the resin Gardner and. Worked in places and was that tough. You might a. The point done a few commercials which allowed me to you know, head. These Falstaff beer commercials were running were quite lucrative in those days. Anyway. So I got by on that tough, though, you know, you go out to the store, whatever you see somebody. Hey Sam what are you up to these days? Still here. I don't know, man. When did you get out of bed and working always a weird? Stranger? So when did that dry spell of sorts kind of come to an end. You know in in seventy four did Aspen, seventy six did once an ego. We're both big long form things that universal. And I was doing the yellow rose. And at that time, I was writing it was thinking about writing something for myself, which I'm still thinking about probably never happen at this point. But. Was a yellow rose and one day. I remember sitting in the makeup trailer Cybill shepherd. And she's over there looking in the mirror beautiful. So. I saw Peter last night. He's doing movie with share. He's looking for Gary Cooper on a motorcycle. Peter Donovan Jess at three or naming. Or something to that effect? Right. You're a Cooper was one of my favorite actors, probably my single favorite actor. That's anyway that was over in Hawaii. I think Catherine I were on our honeymoon. And I got a call from Ron Meyer. Peter Bogdanovich wants to media on this thing mask that he's doing. It's like fuck. Rodney on my honeymoon, man. Wants to meet you next week. If it can't wait, I can't make it. And went back to the Hollier win took a swim or whatever it was doing. Toe Catherine about it. She snuck back up to the main desk and called Meyer of I'll get them here. We'll be next week because she saw the opportunity she's at that period of time was smarter than. We're that holds true today. So you go back you you audition or read or they just gave it to him uttering, remember reading. Yeah. So you now opposite share on a production that famously was a little bumpy, right? I give in a shares of. Such a dynamic woman. So. Self assured for every reason that one should be self assured. And she set a brilliant talent. I don't I don't know that Peter knew had a reckon with her or she with him. As often the case with. Kind of tell some sometimes they click completely. And sometimes there's sparks flying. You know, I've you say in a way it's a Gaga esque trajectory for her to end up in movies, and ultimately she won an Oscar for moonstruck couple years later, but the idea that it's not your conventional. It's not somebody that came out of you know, Shroff Berg doing their own thing. Right into come off. The music world and go into that to me is what a transition is mind boggling, so after mask, it seems like there was your back and a steady flow of character parts, many meaty memorable supporting parts in projects on TV and film. I remember just in one year you were in both Gettysburg and tombstone sort of maybe cemented. This. I did that you're the the guy to go to for roles on horses or in the old west or whatever the whole cowboy idea, which I think became basically continued to build right up to and including the big lebowski..

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