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It's a semblance in a way that reads almost like a documentary or reads like you're reading an episode of sixty minutes interest a segment of sixty minutes and it's told moustapha bleed and vedeno are two of the main narrators you go back and forth through them giving first person accounts of what's happening as this the election results come in and as they respond to the election results and as the country response and then interspersed in between those narratives are bloggers there's a blogger that specifically records what's happening from the ground and also the national so newspaper pieces and so when you actually read it some of the pages look like a newspaper article from the nation which is a newspaper that blanco bleed established and so it's all about not only what these two political this father son relationship but also about how it's affecting the country how the stories that are true are being told to the rest of the world and what happens to those journalists as well is this book escapism or or while you're reading it are you thinking about what's going on around you i think you're thinking about what's going on around you're you're definitely thinking about the political situation in the world i mean there's even hints of what's happening in our own politics happening in in american politics in the idea that vedeno is sort of a bit of a celebrity and he's taken on this role and he's maybe not taking it as seriously as he maybe should talking about no one in particular but there's that sort of hints it is well so there's lots of things that are pushing up against what we're experiencing today which is questioning what we read in the newspaper questioning what we see on the news questioning who's in leadership who has power what they're doing to keep it who let's turn on netflix algorithm before so i think this book i thought a lot about shows like scandal and shows like you know whether it's designated survivor or house of cards but instead of those are very american they have a very american tone to them we all know what that does to us this is told from that sort of more middle eastern perspective at comes from that space and from people who are living in that space so i think if you like those.

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