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And there's also the alcove beer drive we had miguel beer on the radio in fact and he mentioned said if you compress compress space and time in front of you then you could leap leap faster than the speed of light but of course as always drawbacks with that design as well right in fact there's always a drawback with these designs right well yes he the his his his war drive he was actually the referee on paper make it into a time machine so the the the star trek episodes that involved sometime traveled in the past rescue the whales and things like that they actually had some basis if you have a warp drive you could theoretically use it to make a time machine is as well right however there's always a catch and he mentioned to me that the fuel necessary to drive his work engine requires negative energy or negative matter and we haven't seen negative matter anywhere in our universe it would fall up rather than down and some people doubt that it even exists at all i think i'm i'm i'm more i'm more optimistic the negative energy that was using in his to to prop is wormhole mouths open was produced by the casimir effect this is a quantum effect the vacuum state that exists between two parallel plate and this is proposed like in nineteen forty eight but the the pressure effects associated with this casimir vacuum of actually been.

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