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I'm going to go with South Carolina. And I think it's, I think that's a good question. I think we agree on that one. I think we agree on that. Although, let's give Howard first time in the torment since 2001. Shout out to Thai grace. That's my girl. I love her. She has done it the right way. And she's just a magnificent mentor for those young ladies. So I was thrilling to see them doing the Gritty getting off the bus and having a great old time after winning the miek. It was really exciting to see the smiles on their faces. And they lost the meat last year. So they lost the championship had to sit there and watch the other team get the confetti, cut down the nuts. It always loved that story. And we have a couple of the teams in the tournament this year that came back and persevered through that loss to come back next year. And there are DMV schools, so we hope Howard wins powered when sniper and carnet words really good too. Cinderella team. I'm going to run in the southland with two buzzer beaters and they're in their first NCAA tournament. So yeah. That's what we got on them. Thanks for playing though. I don't think it's going to go well for them. Stop going. So now we have Miami and South Florida on the 8 9 line and you better be picking Miami. I certainly picked Miami. Listen, I picked Miami the last two weeks in the AP poll at number 25 because of their progress and their momentum. And it's always the committee always says, okay, your last ten games. Okay, how about their last 5 games? Amazing, right? And their run through the tournament was spectacular. They got to the championship game. So kudos to Katie Meyer in that group for their fight and their grit. And that's what it takes. It takes heart. Obviously you have to execute, but it takes that fight in postseason play. And if you're trending this way and they didn't not have it earlier in the season, they lost some really super close games to some really great ranked teams. So let's not get it twisted. They didn't come out of nowhere and all of a sudden start playing well. They gradually moved ahead and they got to postseason play in the AC tournament and showed all that hard work and grit was not for nothing, right? They went out there and showed themselves. So yeah, I picked Miami on that one. So this is why I love it. I don't know who you picked though. I don't know if you take it out. This is why I love Christie because I don't have to sit up here and just be the one praising Miami. I cosign everything you said on Katie Meyer has been an excellent coach for this team. And they are really, I think they are talented, reversal. They have a lot of depth as well. So I'm excited to see them in this tournament. USF is no joke whatsoever. Bethlehem is fantastic. They are really, really good team, well coached. So it'll be interesting. I like that there's a kind of a local tinge to this, although I'm not sure how many local kids either of these schools has another Miami has a couple but not too many. I'm not sure how many USF has from the Miami region. But it'll be fun game no matter what. Yeah, now it'll be fun. And I think, you know, it's a great test. This opportunity for all 68 teams is such a great test. And they want it to be a testimony to their hard work from the empty gyms in the summer. They're putting in the extra time. And they're doing the individual workouts on the track in the weight room, all that stuff. Here's why you were doing all that. It wasn't just to get through it on a Tuesday. What time is it? I'm hungry. It's lunchtime. No, it was for this moment. And you know, the dreams will come true and it should be a magical for all 68 teams, but I think that first round is really when you put your toe in the water and test the temperature of what you're about to jump into and I think it's just fun. The challenge of that is fun to watch. On speaking of teams and neo Tesla water a little bit in the first around the 68, we have UNC and Stephen F Austin. Now this has become kind of a sexy upset pick. You know, I think UNC has been a little overrated by the stats this year that really high in that they've lost some crucial games and they've been up and down this year. Stephen F Austin has been a good team. I'm still going with you and see. I just think you're going to see really good. I don't think they're going to lose in the first. I don't think they're going to overlook Stephen F Austin, especially if people picking against them. So I'm going to go with you and see. Yeah, I went with you and see also I just thought just how competitive the ACC was towards the end of the season in particular, we were talking about the tournament and all those great teams just beating up one another. I just think that that has them battle tested to face a team like Stephen F Austin. And then back in the 1900s, when I was playing. We played Stephen F Austin down in Austin, Texas. In the sweet 16 game. So, I mean, I don't know what that has to do with anything. But I just remembered that. Wait, so you guys had to play Steve enough Austin and then Texas? Yeah. In Austin. Yes. On the wow, okay. Yeah. But on their court. And we had our band and about a handful of parents and all of that there. And some boosters and whatnot. But totally outnumbered. It was, you know, three, 13,000 probably 800 of them. And maybe 200, you know, they're for us, counting the band cheerleaders and parents and boosters. We'll talk more about Chris's experience as a one seat. When we get down to NC state in the Bridgeport region, certainly get into. Let's talk Arizona versus UNLV. I originally had UNLV beating Arizona. I looked at a little bit closer at UNLV. They have really struggled against good teams on their schedule. And Arizona has Kate respect. So I want Arizona. I went Arizona also. Another team, you know, I know they got bumped out in the PAC 12 tournament sooner than they would have liked to, but I just think that it's going to be a challenge for anybody facing a team who went to the championship game last year. And have a number of players who have that experience, I think that counts for something. And I picked them because of that. Yeah, no, I agree. I think that experience is going to help them. You know, V is a good team. Arizona was planning Steven and Austin. I may go Stephen F Austin, but I think Arizona Arizona is going to be good enough. And they're going to be hyped up to get Kate Reese back. And then that sets up in a very nice stick around matchup. We can talk about in just a second. Georgia versus the slash date in or the Paul, who'd you take here? Oh.

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