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Hey Jacques Villeneuve, that was your first Daytona 500. That was fun. Got to the end, 20 seconds. So I'm very happy. We made the shoulder. That was the key thing where a tiny team and a lot to learn during the race because we didn't have issues in the duels, we didn't drive the following days. I didn't practice bit lane. There was a lot going on today. Definitely. Now you obviously had a few really close calls during the race. Describe those. That's what made it fun. To start a really just jammed down and then I loved to peek fitting in the first time to break bias was completely off, so I fixed it after that first spin. And then the corresponding files clipped it and when it's done. So yeah, it was a handful. And the car was really tough to drive. Yeah, so I know a few times early on, you kind of lost a draft, but there are towards the mid portion of the race. You guys are really hanging out in the draft really well. I was getting the draft. The car was really good in the draft. The problem was it took them out to know they could drive for me. But at some point when all running together, one time, I think it was a decided to take my air out, and we both lost the draft instead of him just staying there happily, you know? It was not good. That's just the way it is. That's the way it is. So obviously, you know, this was the only race you kind of announced you're going to be doing. Do you think you're open to more cup races throughout the year? Well, I want to do more. The question is at some point, low risk will be driving the car and that's it so it will depend on sponsors me. Thanks. I appreciate that. All.

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