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A bunch of brand new laws in the Santa California on the governor has signed one thousand sixteen of the twelve hundred laws potential laws that were on his desk. And some of these may sound like big giant nothing burgers to you. And they are, but it'll get I let you inform about I inform. You of them just to let you know the status of priorities in the state of California because you're gonna go y Appleton. Are you even talking about this again? It's just like, well, here's what we do with your money. Dr disclosure, this is from Richard panik democrat in Sacramento. Senate Bill eleven forty eight. This one is going to be greeted with some partisan is I'm sure when medical providers in California are disciplined for ethical violations like gross negligence, substance abuse inappropriate prescribing or sexual misconduct. They now can be placed on probation. It allows them to continuing it allows them to continue to practice for a period under restricted conditions. So starting in July of two thousand nineteen your physician surgeons podiatrists, acupuncturists, chiropractors osteopathic and neuropathy match. Naturopathic. Doctors will have to inform you if they are on probation before they can treat you. In some cases. A lot of these people lost their license, and we're not able to practice anymore. But now, it's a more softer gloved approach that allows them to continue practicing. But they have to inform you I'm on probation for sexual misconduct. I'm on probation probation for taking drugs. What do you make of that? I can see where some of you would not be happy with that. At all. But bats the. Sort of temper of the times that we live in that's willing to forgive and forget and move on. Remember, you know, if you if you create a crime if you perpetrate crime your victim to you didn't do anything wrong. Assembly bill. Seventeen ninety three from rob Bonte democrat abou- Lameda morale. Many Republicans got their stuff through.

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