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New York City. Tanya J. Powers Fox News and I'm Pam Pozo. This's Fox News. Hey, Good morning at Saturday Sunny with a high of 74 78 on Sunday and no rain through the upcoming weekend looks like morning lows in the fifties on your side to be the first of our chief meteorologist J P. Dies on news Radio 1055 w E. R. C Right Now It's 54 degrees at Birmingham's news, traffic and Weather station. He was radio 1055. W E. R. C. If you think we're just four wheels and a grill, think again. A Jeep Grand Cherokee redefines freedom. What really makes cheap. It's finding the perfect balance between luxury and adventure without ever compromising, strutting across the country to see your family to make new memories. So what makes Jeep You do cheap. There's only one registered trademark of the USA LLC News Radio 1055 w We are see. Well, it's the weekend welcome your home with Gary solving this hour brought to you by close door. Whether it's a garage door, front door, different types of glass in your garage door hardware in your garage or you can actually try on garage door right on your home. Just upload a picture of your home and Swap out the difference. Ah, doors and what a difference. You can make your home plus their energy efficient clo pe door dot com. Check it out. Ah, you got the phone number. So let's get right back to the phone calls another busy weekend as they've all been a tely sed for the last.

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