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Leaving residents in Dearborn heights stranded inside their homes and vehicles after heavy downpours. Brought more than three inches of rain to the area. Steve Miller's been trapped inside of his home this morning in a neighborhood off telegraph in van born. Time. Hours but banks back together and here and the same all Michigan state police say do not try to walk or drive through high water. We are joined live right now by the mayor of Dearborn heights, Dan, politico, mayor thank you for joining us this morning. I know so rough going your city. Yeah. And this could be worse flood that I witnessed in my sixteen years. And I thought I saw or twice, but this one is is very very bad. What are you hearing who's in trouble? Well, we have people that are stranded our home. So I was in contact with player department, some individuals somebody the high water, it's it's into their backyards. It's their front yards completely in engulf. And we had to get some row boats. If need be to help people, but we want people to stay calm. We want people to stay in your home still try to drive through this. And we're implementing our emergency preparedness plan, we've been hearing from Charlie who's on the scene out. There about firefighters. Rescuing people carrying women on their shoulders were stranded in vehicles. That is absolutely correct. That's why we would prefer people don't try to get out and drive through. This is very very dangerous. And yeah, the player departments just overwhelm with number of calls. Very proud of what they've been doing years ago and places like Royal Oak. There was massive flooding in it had some residual effects quite some time with the damage that was done to basements into homes. Are you preparing for that? I know we're in the middle of a right now. But you look ahead. I mean, these floodwaters are there. These people are trapped in their homes cars are are buried in water. The homes are going to be a sustaining a lot of damage this. Absolutely, correct. And that was one of the reasons that will new underwent this. The last time of disaster was announced we used a lot of the funds that we received from FEMA d-actually, actually demolish homes. That were in the center of of this situation. But right now, the key is to because we tell people in places that individuals. We'll be announcing to later of people if they can get out of their homes where they might be able to get some shelter. So we are trying to to work the difficulty is of the shelters rea- picked the young, sir. Can't get to all right? Barely Paula Jones. We're kind of breaking up here. That's the mayor of Dearborn heights, Dan, politico trying to navigate for his constituents there injure born heights. Thank you, sir. Thank you mayor for joining us and best of luck to you in the people deported heights. The situation is improving but the lodge remains closed this hour in downtown Detroit. Because of high water, let's go there with WWE jas my camel, my yet, that's exactly the case. Roberta the Detroit police doubt have the top of the ramp from Jefferson west down to northbound lodge blocked off, and it's also blocked off on congress onto northbound lodge right in between.

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