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Questions fox anchor read bear will be hosting that the town hall starts at seven fifteen but roads in areas near the site will be closed early Sunday morning and stay that way all day near the Lincoln Memorial the national park service's a we know public access nor opportunity to see the president while he's at the memorial you can find out more on WTOP search town hall those who have driven around the White House or the national mall lately I've seen a surprising number of tractor trailers their drivers are here to deliver a message dozens of truckers are in town this weekend as part of a protest saying low freight rates are dropping them out of business they're parked on around constitution Avenue blaring their horns at times hoping to get president trump's attention freight waives the shipping industry sites has more protests are set for other cities around the country today too early on in the pandemic there was a huge demand for pro audix to be shipped but now that demand has dropped off with the economy slumping however truckers blame the middleman companies that match drivers with the freight that needs to be delivered John dome and WTOP news it's eight thirty five now in Washington president trump has named a new ambassador to Ukraine it's Keith Dayton he's a senior US defense advisors Ukraine who served in the army for forty years US Ukraine relationship has been the focus of intense scrutiny after president trump's dealings with the country's sparked his impeachment the United States has not had an ambassador there since Maria Evanovich was recalled from her post last year H. thirty six coming up after trafficking whether a court ordered inspector is headed to a local jail after complaints that prisoners are not being protected from the corona virus the following is a commercial message at a time when things are most uncertain we.

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